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The Matildas: It’s All About Football, Sex and Transcendence.

And He Scores! I remember the best goal I ever scored in a football match. Okay, in a soccer match for you minority football codes in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. That goal! It had a sense of, a sense of transcendence. My best goal ever. A desperately fast back-and-forth cup final match, when […]

Victoria’s Anti-Conversion Legislation Promotional Is A Soothing Bed-Time Story

The Victorian Government has just published its media information pack on conversion therapy. And I’ve gotta say, the YouTube video its has produced takes the biscuit. And it’s taken a leaf out of casting central, by employing Mr Bed Time Story Guy to provide the voice over. As I was watching it I wanted to […]

I’m Reading “The Case For Christian Nationalism”, So That You Don’t Have To (Pt 1)

We’ll get to Stephen Wolfe’s The Case For Christian Nationalism in a moment, but first… It’s an angry political world. And Christians are not immune. Angry Politics I am not immune. You are not immune. It’s angry politics at twenty paces – even among Christians. I’m a conservative so I get angry from the Right. […]

The Revolution Eats Its Own #329 Phillip Schofield

  “Do you want me to die? Because that’s where I am.” The slow-motion car crash, and subsequent public flogging of one-time breakfast TV darling, Phillip Schofield, is unbearable to watch. Though as in all slow-motion car crashes, many people can’t turn away. “Cultural swivel-headery” we might call it. Or perhaps plain old Schadenfreude. But […]

Take Courage: You’re Not a Sole Survivor

The news coming out of the UK evangelical movement associated with the Anglican Church, Soul Survivor, is depressing. Depressing because it’s bad. And depressing because it’s all too familiar. Not that everything about the youth-focussed ministry led by Mike Pilavachi was depressing. Or familiar. Sure we’d heard about the massaging of young interns that occurred […]

The Forced Government Takeover Of a Catholic Hospital – And a Subtraction Story

The ABC in Australia is today reporting the forced takeover of a Catholic hospital by the Australian Capital Territory’s government in Canberra. The Catholic Hospital, with the rather cute religious order name of “The Little Company of Mary” was acquired without the consent of the local Catholic Archbishop. The ABC reports the Archbishop’s vicar-general, Richard […]

Living in None-Land: How the Rest of the West Can Help American Christians in Their Decline

Post-religious America is somewhat like the angry teenager who, in seeking to self-identify in what seems like a suffocating household, becomes self-aware. Do you get what I mean? Self-aware of how transgressive they are. Self-aware of what the house rules are. Self-awareness is akin to an enlightening of the soul. The teen, bless his little […]

Hey Remember: There are Christian Schools and there are “Christian” Schools

In the current furore in Australia around who can be the student captain of a Christian school, it’s important to remember that there are Christian schools and there are “Christian” schools. You know what I mean by that? Simply this: There are schools that are committed to staffing and teaching according to a biblical/gospel framework […]

Abusive Leaders or the Sexular Culture? What’s Worse for the Church?

So what’s the biggest damage being done to the church? Is it from the “out there” Sexular Age, or the internal abuse that we see played out in so many sad ways. External or internal? What’s more likely to burn us down if we’re not careful? Well, as the taco shell girl says when faced […]


In a recent Substack article, famed New York psychologist and academic, Jonathan Haidt, showed conclusive evidence that the rapid rise in anxiety among Gen Z is directly linked to the widescale uptake of social media platforms in 2012. Faced with growing assertions that the levels of anxiety among younger generations was down to “bad politics” […]

Kate Forbes Is Done (or Why an Orthodox Christian Can Never Lead a Western Political Party Again)

Kate Forbes stands little chance of becoming the First Minister of Scotland. And this is due to her publicly stated religious beliefs. You can’t blame her for being honest. It’s kinda refreshing to watch that level of dishonesty from my vantage point in Australia, where already there are so many up in arms around the […]

With No Martyn Iles The ACL Risks Becoming The Australian Christendom Lobby

I like Martyn Iles, the now-former MD of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL). I would consider him an ally in the gospel, and increasingly a good acquaintance/friend. Martyn’s services have now been terminated, and it has, apparently, much to do with the direction he was taking the organisation in. If anyone has any secret sauce […]

The Australian Law Reform Commission Has Christian Schools in its Sights.

If anyone was under any illusions that there would be a “live and let live” attitude from the purveyors of the Sexular Age, then the recommendations of The Australian Law Reform Commission, in terms of how Christian schools should be able to staff themselves, will dispel such illusions. It’s quite a depressing first-up read. Make […]

Christian Foster Parents, Gay Children and Six Thousand Dollars Worth of Hurt Feelings

Nearly three years ago, right before the pandemic locked down my home state and there were more important things to worry about, I wrote about the case of a Western Australian couple who had been rejected as short term foster carers by a government funded adoption agency. You can read that article here. The case […]

Christian Word of the Year: Winsome

So here’s me choosing my Christian Word Of The Year. Drum roll please, “The Christian word of the year is WINSOME!” Taa-dah! That’s right, winsome! It’s everywhere you look at the moment. So please step forward “winsome” and take a bow. You’ve been over-used, over-realised, under-appreciated, over-stated, undered and overed, and whatever else can happen […]

When Voluntary Assisted Dying Becomes Coercive Assisted Dying

The voluntary assisted dying (VAD) push in Australia is set to win the aesthetics of the ethical war, as it inevitably does elsewhere. And the latest stoush with the Catholic Church over comments by Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge, who warned that the last rites may be withheld from those who undertake VAD has ramped up […]

Australians All Let Us Rejoice, For We are Safe and Free

In one of the greater insights into the national Australian psyche, famed expat cultural commentator, Clive James, made this statement about his fellow Aussies: “The problem with Australians is not that so many of them are descended from convicts, but that so many of them are descended from prison officers.” In other words, as much […]

Andrew Thorburn is Lawyering Up: I Think That’s the Right Move

Essendon’s CEO-for-a-day Andrew Thorburn has engaged with lawyers and is reserving the right to sue the Essendon Football Club. Perhaps you’re wondering why the bloke who wrote “Being the Bad Guys” thinks we should be pushing back. Aren’t we supposed to be like Jesus? Isn’t our stance towards the hardening secular world not to assert […]

Strange Rites, Stranger Things and Even Stranger Bedfellows

If you haven’t read Tara Isabella Burton’s book Strange Rites: New Religions for a Godless World, you must. It’s an exceptional socio-cultural exploration of the shift in the West away from institutional religion to what she terms (and it’s a self-explanatory great term), intuitional religion. Yes that’s right. Just as with my term “A Sexular […]

Disturbing New Development: Christians Seen Attending Church Wearing Casual Clothes

In a disturbing new development in the religious bigotry scandal in Australia, evangelical Christians have taken to wearing casual clothes in order to “fit in.” While there have been reports in the past of this fundamentalist cohort wearing stylish clothes, though usually about four months after the general populace has moved on to another fashion […]

Good News: Incoming Essendon CEO Won’t Pressure Players’ Partners to Have Abortions.

Well you can say what you like about the new Essendon CEO, Andrew Thorburn and his bigoted hate-filled ideas around sexuality (The ever irenic Premier of Victoria’s, Dan Andrews’, descriptors not mine), but rest assured he won’t be pressuring the club’s indigenous players to get their partners to have abortion for the good of the […]

The Edge

It’s all about having “the edge” isn’t it? In elite sport it’s all about having the edge over your opponents. Elite sport is determined not even by the one-percenters, but by the tenth-of-a-one-percenters. Non-elites don’t understand “the edge”. We line up on a local running race with all sorts of types and body shapes and […]

Wrestling with Soccer on Sunday Or Death in Afghanistan? You Decide!

There is a great gulf between the Christianity that wrestles with whether to worship at the cost of imprisonment and death, and the Christianity that wrestles with whether the kids should play soccer on Sunday morning. John Piper One of the recurring problems that Facebook throws up is “whataboutism”. You know what I mean by […]

Tate Modern

Despite the temptation to label the misogynistic, abusive and downright dangerous attitudes towards women held by Andrew Tate as “Neanderthal”, his views are quite modern. Very modern actually. Perhaps you’ve never heard of Tate. Well google him. He’s a US/Brit celebrity who was once kicked off Britain’s Big Brother when a video of him beating […]

Christian Employees: They Either Love Jesus Or They’re Obsessed with Sex. Right?

Here’s what really ticks off Christians seeking to live faithful lives in workplaces that are aggressively pushing the Sexular Age onto their employees. They get tired of people whose lives inhabit the sheltered workshop of fulltime pastoral ministry telling them that if they’d only spend more time being like Jesus in terms of compassion, justice, […]

Happy Birthday George Jetson: Hope You Weren’t Expecting a Nine Hour Working Week

Happy birthday George Jetson! According to disputed records, George was destined to be born in 2022, and some say – with little evidence – that the date was 31st July. If that is the case then he’s now a full week and bit old, and giving his mother sleepless nights with his disturbed circadian rhythm. […]

Shock, Horror, as ex-PM Tells Christians Not to Trust in Their Governments

I guess when you’ve cut God out of the equation as most of the mainstream media has these days, then it’s newsworthy when the ex Prime Minister tells Christians not to put their trust in governments. But oh the shock and surprise in the media that what ex-PM Scott Morrison told Margaret Court’s Victory Life […]

James Valentine: A case study in the “no religion” census ticker

In the wake of the Australian census, in which huge swathes of Aussies declared for the first time that they have “no religion”, comes a whole bunch of articles that explore how that doesn’t mean people are not good just because they are post religious. And it makes for an interesting insight into the mind […]

Not Inhuman Yet

This is the photo that, ironically, proved that there was still a yuck factor among even the most ardent pro-choice advocates. That somehow, despite the one-way street of post-Christian Western ideologies, we haven’t jettisoned everything. Culturally we’re not completely inhuman. Not yet at least. One day until full term (and with another child in tow […]

Australian Christianity is Officially in Decline (and I, for one, am relieved)

The 2021 census stats are out, and it’s official (again): Australian Christianity is in freefall decline. As The Australian newspaper reports: The number of Australians who aren’t religious has almost doubled over the decade, with almost 40 per cent indicating in the latest census that they have no religious belief. The Australian Bureau of Statistics […]

Clearing the High Bar of Fairness in Women’s Sport

One of my favourite Youtubers is former multiple US 800m champion, two times Olympian and World Championships silver medallist, Nick Symmonds, also known as “The Bison” for his muscular frame and galloping kick at the end of a race. Symmonds has carved out a great second career after elite athletics, with a hugely informative and […]

Why John Dickson’s Undeceptions Trans Gender Podcast Episode is 73% Good

John Dickson’s Undeceptions podcast is undoubtedly the best Christian podcast in Australia in terms of content, production values, and breadth. It also has that elusive ingredient; the ability to take crunchy, high fibre material and break it down into manageable, masticable morsels. I must confess I have come to listening to it later in the […]

Hey Christians: When it comes to engaging non-Christians, don’t be like Aaron

This is Aaron. Aaron Patrick. Christians, when it comes to engaging someone who is not a Christian, don’t be like Aaron. In fact, be the opposite of Aaron. Aaron Patrick is a senior correspondent for the Australian Financial Review – a major national newspaper in Australia (equivalent of the UK’s The Financial Times). He specialises […]

Forget House Prices, Elections are About Who Gets to Defines Reality

A week or so back I read an article in the national media that was almost incredulous that the issue of trans athletes should be considered a topic worthy of our federal election. Both the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader had been quizzed as to their views on transwomen taking part in female-only sport. […]

Pastors Respond to my “Don’t Ask a Pastor About Evangelism” Post

My recent post, on why one should not necessarily ask a pastor why evangelism for most people is hard, elicited some spirited responses. Tucked between that initial post and this one, was one of the reasons that orthodox Christians are concerned about evangelism: Shane Warne’s death ushered him into an eternity without God, and a […]


Shane Warne was a human headline to the end. An end that came quickly and shockingly on the same day another cricketing superstar died. No disrespect to Rod Marsh, but while old Iron Gloves was famous for being a cricketer, Shane Warne was famous for being, well for being Shane Warne. Or Shane. To an […]

Why is Evangelism Hard? If you Want the Real Answer, Don’t Ask a Pastor

Every so often on good evangelical websites that I read I come across an article that asks the question (before answering it in three points), as to why we find evangelism so hard. The answers are usually along the lines of; We don’t see the danger We don’t see the value We don’t see the […]

The Abusive Pastor: The shift from being godly to being god-like

Amongst the many articles written about Mars Hill, most destined to become digital land-fill, this one piece on the Mere Orthodoxy website stand out for its exceptional theological depth and pastoral insight. Jared Michelson has done an excellent job at getting to the issues behind the issues behind the issues behind the…. (you get what […]

Greedy for Gain

There’s something ugly, something character revealing, about the politician who squeezes absolutely every inch out of their entitlements. Those who make sure that every dollar of those things that they can technically claim is used up, and who spend the time to do so. Every few years there are outcries about some entitlement scandal in […]

The Post-Christmas Saviours of NOOM and e-Harmony are Upon Us

It’s the week after Christmas and the post-Christmas saviours are appearing on the TV. Yes, this grey-zone week, when most of us (in mid-summer Australia anyway) can’t figure out what day it is, is the week of the post-Christmas saviour. It’s that time in the secular liturgical calendar ‘twixt December 27th and January 1st, the […]

Sorry Luke, most Christians DO believe in Christ’s miracles

So used are Christians to hearing that they have to know how their neighbours think or what the worldview of their friends is in order to engage them with the gospel, that it’s easy to forget how little non-Christians understand about what Christians believe. Or how little they even bother trying. It’s easy to forget […]

Sam Chan tells us why truth AND relevance go together in preaching

Sam Chan is a colleague of mine at City Bible Forum. He could be a stand up comic, cos he’s super funny. He’s a great evangelist and trainer, and seems to write a book a year. His latest book, co-authored with Malcolm Gill, is Topical Preaching in a Complex World: How to Proclaim Truth and […]

Hey Christians, when it comes to Advent joy this Christmas, Coles has us on toast.

Have you see the Christmas 2021 media campaign from Coles grocery chain? It’s beautiful and emotional and joyous. It’s a religious experience which even taps into the whole liturgical idea of Advent, and all without even mentioning Jesus. Pretty smart huh? Truly wonderful. And truly reflective of the generally non-religious – in the traditional sense […]

“Mock or Shock”: How secularists attack the Religious Freedoms Bill

Well it’s that time of the election cycle again when the religious freedoms Bill is being put together. Gosh! Have three years really gone that quickly? And equally “Gosh!”, why do we find ourselves in the same place again, nervously looking at how this will all pan out in Federal Parliament? At the last Federal […]

Christian schools are staring down the barrel of the religion of sex

In the Sexular Age, sexual identity trumps everything. All other identities must be subsumed under sexual identity and to stand up against this now results in censure and legal implications. This much is clear from the Eternity newspaper article in which the department of the Attorney General of Victoria was questioned over what rights those […]

Why are so many young childless men getting the snip? Because hope has been cut off.

When I first saw the article in The Weekend Australian that young men are rushing up to get the big “V”, my initial thoughts were “Good, it’s about time the casual Aussie young bloke who thinks COVID will bypass him, goes and gets vaxed.” But imagine my surprise when I realised that it was not […]

The Sexular Age has finally caught up with Australian Christian Schools

It was always a matter of time. Only ever a matter of time. No amount of smiles and public speeches by Australian politicians coming up to elections, or giving the end of year graduation address affirming the right of faith based education systems to insist on their staff holding to sexual standards that their faith […]

Senior Aussie Journalist Casts a Reporter’s Eye Over The New Testament: Likes What He Reads

Australian senior journalist Greg Sheridan has written a compelling book about why Christianity is both true and necessary in our modern world. There are plenty of books written by those in the “Christian Industry” that make a splash in the theological pond, but barely a ripple in the wider world. In other words, Christian bookshops […]

The Harm Gap

I recently wrote for Solas in the UK, around the issue of “harm” or “dangerous” being the language now employed to describe the Christian framework on sexual ethics, rather than simply “wrong” or “misguided”. It can be quite the challenge for Christians in the workplace who wish to remain faithful to Jesus and to share […]

No Christian, COVID vaccinations are NOT the mark of the Beast(and Henry Kissinger is not the anti-Christ either)

Can we just stop it Christians? Can we just stop it? COVID vaccinations are NOT the mark of the Beast. Nor for that matter was your credit card back in the 1970s. Or the ID card that you had to have in the 1980s. Not even your PIN – even if it has three sixes […]

Letter from a Senior Wolf to a Junior Wolf: Part One – Weaponise the Word Gospel

My Dear Lupine I read with interest your recent attempts at luring to their spiritual deaths the human collective (they call it a “church”, but that seems too noble a word for such an unimpressive bunch), you have been assigned. And I must say on the surface it seemed impressive. Suspect theology – heresy as […]

Church Planter: Which core team member do you need to know best before you plant?

The answer of course, is you. You need to know you the best before you even think about planting a church. If you don’t, you’re heading for a fall. I was asked that question this very morning about what a planter needs to know about the core team, and my answer was simply that. Unless […]

Many unchurched people are actually envious of church. Here’s why.

Hint: It’s not because of the worship music. With all the hand-wringing going on about how bad the church is (and that’s just from Christians), it’s time to remind ourselves that so much of what church is, is so good that people envy it. Yes that’s right, “envy”. Here we are in a cottage industry […]

Let’s not trade an over-realised eschatology for an under-realised one

This is a guest blog post from a young Pentecostal pastor in Perth, Joel Seneque, who I have gotten to know these past few years. He’s smart, articulate, well-read theologically, a church planter who wants to see people come to know Jesus, and on top of that he’s a runner! My last post critiqued the […]

Health Wealth and Heterosexuality: Why orthodox Christianity will pay a price for the wrongs of the Prosperity Gospel

I’ve just received yet another article and podcast link from a friend who holds a biblically orthodox view of sexuality. And as I read and listen, I’m beginning to realise that orthodox evangelicals are going to pay the price for the bad theology of some forms of Pentecostalism, particularly its failure to grasp the significance […]

Jesus washed his disciples’ feet: the disciples of abusers wash their cars

One thing that struck me reading the 31:8 safeguarding review of now-disgraced Anglican leader, Jonathan Fletcher, was the observation that Fletcher had his interns or ministry apprentices wash his car or mow his lawn. Why did it strike me? Because that was my observation of another leader who has been caught up in an abuse […]

Off the road and into the ditch with James KA Smith

In this brave new world of post-Christian sexual ethics, even among Christians, I am not sure what counts as a disordered love any longer. Well, maybe I am, but more of that later. Calvin University Professor, James KA Smith, whose work interpreting Augustine’s moral and spiritual frameworks for post-moderns has rightly been hailed as groundbreaking, […]

Newsflash: Churches Sexual Diversity Training Day Speech revealed!

The following transcript was recently handed to by an eponymously named source. does not vouch for the veracity of the transcript, but was, nevertheless, impressed with the wisdom, insight and sheer daring-do of the eponymously named source. The leaking of this revealing document s comes just one day after this report in The […]

Mark’s Zucker Punch: It’s Strictly Business

My twin brother put it well yesterday in light of Facebook’s decision to remove all Australian news content (including my blog?) from its feed. Zuckerberg isn’t immoral – he’s amoral. Which isn’t perhaps as much a moral declaration about Zuckerberg as much as it is an observation about him. Ok, I know the brilliant The […]

Clerical bullying and spiritual abuse: Are they the same thing?

This weekend it is one year exactly since The Christianity Today article was published that brought about the end of the public ministry of Steve Timmis, former CEO of Acts29 and founder of The Crowded House network of churches in the UK. I played no small part in that article’s creation, although Timmis had been […]

The State of Victoria is hunting down the bad guys. Is it coming for you?

If I’d written in my new book Being the Bad Guys that education materials would soon be sent to churches by a government in Australia to tell them how they are permitted to talk about sexuality matters to avoid prosecution, I would have been laughed at. Yet that is what the Victorian Government has just […]

This week we leave Providence Church after ten years ministry

This week – this past Sunday in fact – we left our beloved Providence Church network after a decade of life and ministry in a church setting that morphed from three households and thirty six people, to three churches (one starting in a month) with five congregations and some 500 people. And it’s painful to […]

Victorian Conversion Therapy Legislation: destined for the baddest guys of all – us!

From tomorrow in the state of Victoria in Australia, all that you will have to do to become badder guys than you are today is to stay exactly where you are. Don’t shift in your thinking around biblical sexual ethics. Don’t move. Just stay orthodox and let the Victorian Government Legislation do the shifting for […]

The push to define conversion therapy as everything and anything

If pastors and other Christian ministry workers were left in any doubt as to whether any orthodox teaching on sexuality is being targeted by bans on conversion therapy in Australia, they could look no further than this recent article from the ABC. As the force of the article shows, the target of governments like Dan […]

a shout-out to the meddling kids: the Age of the Unmasking

It feels like the end of a Scooby Doo episode. An unmasking of sorts. Later this afternoon, Perth Australia time, a report will be released by the remaining elders of The Crowded House network in Sheffield UK. The report, commissioned by those elders, and carried out by the national safeguarding review organisation in the UK, […]

Gay marriage, gambling, and good deeds in the age of disappointment

The decision by Lotterywest to reject a grant application to assist the community outreach food program at tennis legend Margaret Court’s church on the basis of its public stance on same sex marriage, is not really all that surprising. Although Court herself is disappointed. Why is it not surprsing? Because it’s a sign of the […]

The only thing worse than an immoral alley cat President? An evangelical one!

When the comments section in The Times of London about the latest craziness (Trump having COVID) contains this thread … … you know we’re in for interesting times. An evangelical Christian is worse than an amoral, “do whatever it takes” President. “Not a good look“! Hmm. And that’s in The Times, which generally weeds out […]

It’s official: Elite sport is willing to crack a few eggs (and your daughter’s head) for the sake of diversity

“Participation in sport is a human right” With that, quite frankly ludicrous, quote the Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Kate Jenkins, welcomed the announcement by nine elite sports bodies in Australia, to the inclusion of trans athletes in their elite team should they meet the standard. (Oh and should their testosterone levels be low enough at […]

What if the church wasted the COVID crisis by not prepping for a more hostile shutdown?

Here’s a thought: What if the church wasted the COVID crisis? And I’m not simply talking about church preference. Nor am I talking about don’t simply talk about what the better model for evangelism, mission and pastoral care might be. I’m talking about whether we wasted an opportunity to prepare ourselves for a far more […]

What do progressive governments have in common with anti-vaxxers?

When it comes to trusting science to guide decisions around sexuality, progressively minded governments around Australia have a lot in common with anti-vaxxers. Form your narrative first, decide where you want this thing to land, and then search for the “science” to back up your clearly unsustainable position. In other words, ignore the science and […]

Aussie missionary to UK, Josh Williamson, was free but unwise.

The Brisbane-born pastor who is facing calls for his deportation from the UK back to Australia, over his public comments praising the cancellation of the Cornwall Pride event on a public Facebook page event has acted unwisely. If Josh Williamson is deported – which seems an unlikely scenario – then he should give some time […]

Waxing lyrical about Cobra Kai: a reality kick to the face for X-Gens

Where are they now? X-Gens once trawled their old yearbooks wondering what their class mates were up to, and asking themselves, “Did I ever look that young?” Now of course, X-Gens just cut to the chase and stalk their old classmates on Facebook, ramping up the creepy and dialling down the mystery. Fatter, older, balder. […]

A funny thing happened to Adele on the way to the Notting Hill Carnival

So Adele decided to put her hair in Bantu knots, and wear a Jamaican flag bikini for the annual Notting Hill Carnival in London. And sent Twitter into meltdown. Not because she’s skinny now. Not because she’s put on weight now. No, those things are so pre-COVID-19 outrages over Adele. This time it was for […]

Some stuff about sour dough and COVID vaccines, the death of religion, and the state of education

I”ve been a little busy recently with other work stuff, so not as much blog posting with material specifically for But I do have some stuff from my Third Space musings, and will be posting in the future around the trend away from city living (a series that I started last week about the […]