Mythbusters #2 No One Will Come to Church in a Building Anymore

No one in this post-Christian context will come to a building to hear someone teaching the Bible anymore – right? Everyone who wants to explore spirituality feels much more comfortable doing that in a lounge room – right? We shape our buildings and then they shape us – right? Christianity is post-institutional, post -theological, post-mod..(don’t […]

Echeesiology: Our Help Fromages Past

Stinking Bishop, anyone? Here at we’re not all furrowed brows and missional angst.  No, we want to live a little – especially on Fridays.  So we’ve decided to make Friday a free dress day (sooo passe – Ed).  It’s Friday, but Sunday’s acomin’ – and there’ll be time enough for rosters/sermons/minutes/hijacking the senior pastor […]