In response to the news story in The West Australian a few days ago (see my previous post)  a Facebook page called Help Scarborough Baptist Church Protect Freedom of Religious Practice has now been set up. 631 “Likes” and counting.!

Well I’m gonna be the fly in the ointment and say that this has the potential to garner a whole bunch of attention that may not be that helpful.  The more attention it raises the more chance that a whole flotilla of ideologues, people with barrows to push and various hangers on with agendas will attach to it. To begin with it was about compliance. It will eventually be about complaints! Why do I get the feeling it will be used to fuel disgruntled Christians who feel the culture is short-changing them compared with the good old days?

Okay, okay, so this is a grumpy post, but my observation is that much of the resentment that invariably builds in these campaigns is due to the realisation that Christianity is no longer “at the centre”.  I for one think that is our strength.  Being at the centre is over-rated, because invariably it leads to a much smaller, less effective gospel witness (apologies to Oliver O’Donovan – Anabaptistesque Ed)  Let’s not end up being the Christianised version of the Cronulla riots for goodness sake!

I unlike where this may end up. I unlike it very much.