Church Planting and the Slow Fix Solution: Part 2 – Rich and Thick

There was an advertising campaign for canned goods giant Ardmona a few years back entitled “Rich and Thick”.  Noted Australian intellectuals, (celebrities surely – Ed) were photographed with Ardmona products with the words Rich and Thick underneath.  The aforementioned celebrities were either so intelligent that they were pulling the wool over our eyes in a […]

What a Facebook Friend I am to Jesus

Two men went onto the internet to status update/pray. One, a prominent emergent/reformed/fundamentalist Christian leader said: “Lord I thank thee that I am not as other men or women who run churches larger than mine. For example I…(strike out which does not apply) 1. Publicly affirm my support for egalitarianism/LGBT rights/Palestine. 2. Confidently assert my Reformed […]