Breaking News: Jesus Didn’t Resign From His Church Today

In news just in it has been reported that, contrary to some fears, Jesus will NOT in fact be resigning from his church this morning, 24th August 2014. A spokesman from KOH issued the following statement: Jesus wants to remind people that his claim that he will build his church upon his kingship and that the […]

Church Planting and the Slow Fix Solution: Part 2 – Rich and Thick

There was an advertising campaign for canned goods giant Ardmona a few years back entitled “Rich and Thick”.  Noted Australian intellectuals, (celebrities surely – Ed) were photographed with Ardmona products with the words Rich and Thick underneath.  The aforementioned celebrities were either so intelligent that they were pulling the wool over our eyes in a […]

What a Facebook Friend I am to Jesus

Two men went onto the internet to status update/pray. One, a prominent emergent/reformed/fundamentalist Christian leader said: “Lord I thank thee that I am not as other men or women who run churches larger than mine. For example I…(strike out which does not apply) 1. Publicly affirm my support for egalitarianism/LGBT rights/Palestine. 2. Confidently assert my Reformed […]