Take a look at the photo closely.  You may have seen it in the papers over the past few days.  Take a look at the faces.  The fun.  The anticipation.  The freedom.  Within minutes, according to the caption, 89 people in this room will be dead.  Hundreds more will be injured.  More than one thousand […]

Religious Kids are Bad – Bad To the Bone (I blame the Parents)

Well it’s official – religious kids are badder than other kids.  Or at least it’s as official as the latest research from the University of Chicago says it is.  The study’s report can be found here and its findings indicate, as it says, that the link between religiosity and morality is a contentious one. The study concludes that religious […]

Christian Parents: Is your Child’s School Fundamentalist?

Christian parent, are you sending your child to a moderate-fee paying Christian school in which there’s a great drama program; good music program aided by funky young teachers who learned their craft in mini-Hillsong-esque churches; a slightly thrown today Christian Education program that occasionally veers towards moralism; a good pastoral care set-up; good sports and […]