I spoke on the weekend at a conference here in Perth entitled Same Sex Marriage and the Future of the Church.

It was informative, centred on Jesus, not that well attended, and, I would say, important.

Four – five actually – very different speakers.  Dr John Yates on Trinity and Equality; Dr Augusto Zimmerman, a Commissioner with the Law Reform Commission of WA; Rev Alison Gilchrist from Bassendean Anglican Church, who, along with James Baxter (both spoke brilliantly), have had extensive ministries among homosexual communities in several UK cities and now here in Perth.

And me. My given topic was Culture and the Church (no surprises there), and how the issue of identity is central to the argument.

You can watch the four sessions here if you want, they’re the ones obviously titled Same Sex Marriage Seminar. There’s a bit missing at the start of my talk. I begin by discussing the issue of identity, and how my recent Working With Children’s Check clearance stated that “if you have changed your gender  since your last WWC clearance” you must fill in new paperwork.

Thanks to New Life City Church in Kewdale for hosting, videoing and keeping up tea-d and coffee-d.

It’s just a pity there were very few under forties from our church’s leadership at the event.  They’re the ones that are going to have to grapple with this issue over the next thirty years.  Here’s hoping they are wise and winsome and willing.