Australia Day: Beyond Jingoism or Self-Loathing

So it’s Australia Day.  Who came up with that creative name, an engineer?  Better, I suppose than Guam Day or Laos Day. But nowhere near as colourful as Seychelles Day (somehow gathering sea-shells by the sea-shore seems like something one would do on the national day of the Seychelles). Two defining, and I fear increasing, features of […]

Sorry Professor Volf, There’s No Soft Difference Without Hard Difference.

I love Miroslav Volf.  Yale Divinity School’s illustrious professor is rightly regarded as one of the shining theological lights in Protestantism today.  I love much of his writing, am in awe of his intellect and the irenic manner in which he navigates a complex secular world, and I quote him er, religiously. Aside from all […]