Christian: Now is The Winter (Solstice) of our Discontent

If you quote Shakespeare make sure you quote him correctly.  Probably goes for anyone you quote, but Shakespeare is given a good shaking when it comes to misquotes. And not simply misquotes, but misunderstanding the quotes you quote correctly. The classic of course, is from Richard III, when Richard, fresh from victory states that “Now […]

How Did Jesus Respond To Tragic Events?

Now there were some present at that time who told Jesus about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mixed with their sacrifices. (Luke 13:1) Unexpected tragic events.  They’re certainly not new.  No, not new, but definitely more documented these days. Technology is certainly fulfilling its hyped promise of bringing us closer together. Be careful what you […]

Christ’s Parousia is Our Salvation Not Christian Politics

Hey I went into Christian bookshop, Koorong, this morning (just for academic research purposes of course), and guess what? Hidden  on the shelves behind The Women’s Devotional Study Bible, The Men’s Devotional Study Bible, The Spirit-filled Life Application Bible, and The Prosperity Gospel Bible (is that even a thing?) was the 21st Century Western Christians’ Guide […]

June 2016 Steve’s Blog Writes to June 2015 Steve’s Blog

Dear June 2015  Steve’s Blog Hi, it’s June 2016 Steve’s Blog here.  How you doing?  Feeling a little chuffed with yourself?  Feeling a little, like, you know well read?  Feeling a little viral?  That’s ok, just don’t let that virus go to your head.  I know, I know, some important people picked up on something you […]