Part 5: The Tipping Point

I’m an Anglophile and spring 2007 in Sheffield was the perfect English cliche.  Yellow daffodils in vacant lots.  Flush cherry-tree blossom against the metered granite of Sophie’s Gradgrind school.  Impossibly green fields with lambs the colour of milk. An English spring is that seasonal tipping point when the clocks go back, the sun lingers and everyone’s out […]

Where to next for Christian Schools?

The Andrews Government in Victoria has kindly given us an insight into the future for para-church organisations and Christians schools in Australia in terms of their ability to remain distinctly Christian. And they’re doing it in a classic pincer move. As Australia’s most aggressive progressive political leader (and progressives lead from the front, dragging people […]

Church Planter: Is Your Church a Merry-go-Round or a Swing Set?

When it comes to the hows and whys of evangelism a new church plant has the chance to be more like a swing than a merry-go-round. Evangelism in established churches in the West has traditionally been like  a merry-go-round.  The church get a program up, then spends time gaining some interest and picking up some […]