Hollowed Out

Maybe we’re reading too much spooky stuff into why Halloween has taken off in Australia. Maybe we’re reading too much cultural appropriation into why Australia has taken on a USA and UK festival/memorial. Maybe the sharp uptake of Halloween-esque celebrations (and let’s admit it’s a ghostly shadow of its US and UK counterparts) is simply […]

The Australia We Want Is The Australia We Have

Well it’s official.  We Western Australians are not generous.  In fact not only not generous, we are mean spirited when it comes to giving money. We like to think of ourselves as generous, as fair-go-people.  The fact is we’re not.   Statistics released today in the “The Australia We Want” report show that West Aussies […]

Ashers to Ashers for Liberty of Conscience and Religious Freedom.

Belfast bakery, Ashers, has lost its appeal against a court judgement that found they had acted unlawfully in refusing to prepare a cake for a customer with a decoration that promoted gay marriage. In doing so, the UK has kissed freedom of conscience and freedom of religion goodbye. Now before we wander down the “would you bake […]

Uncreative Minority Report (A Reading)

Christians speak often about what it may mean to be marginalised in the new world of hard secularism.  To be a “creative minority”.  Yet my own initial experiences of church were more “uncreative” minorities, rather than creative ones. My family’s faith was birthed in Northern Irish fundamentalist minority, made its way to conservative non-conformity minority […]