Don’t Let Sexular Culture Leave Women as Also-Rans

Sooner or later reality catches up with the intellectual schizophrenia of gender identity politics and beats it to the line. And sometimes, as in the case of a dispute over prize money for a recent running race at Queensland University of Technology, actually beats it to the line. As the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports, the […]

A Sexular Age

For all of secularism’s stated lofty and noble ideals, the separation of state and church in modern  western democracies is now akin to two drunken, fighting cowboys rolling around in the gutter in gold rush California. Or perhaps two female wrestlers in jelly (that’s Jell-O in the US apparently), so tawdry and voyeuristic has it become. What […]

Hey ANZ: Forget Love Speech, here’s a guide to Love Action

As a general rule of thumb, the bigger and nastier the organisation, the better the PR machine.  The biggest and nastiest (think Nazi Germany or Communist China) have PR machines that kick over into propaganda juggernauts. Why hello ANZ Bank! Along with the other big banks in Australia the ANZ has a PR machine to […]

Christians: Do your beliefs make you unsafe to be foster parents?

So what would you say as a traditional Christian couple when (not if) the foster care agency asks your response to a foster child announcing they identified as LGBTQI? Leaving aside the vexing question of what age any child could make such a declaration meaningfully, this exact issue has led to a Western Australian couple […]