Abusive Leaders or the Sexular Culture? What’s Worse for the Church?

So what’s the biggest damage being done to the church? Is it from the “out there” Sexular Age, or the internal abuse that we see played out in so many sad ways. External or internal? What’s more likely to burn us down if we’re not careful? Well, as the taco shell girl says when faced […]

The Sexular Age has finally caught up with Australian Christian Schools

It was always a matter of time. Only ever a matter of time. No amount of smiles and public speeches by Australian politicians coming up to elections, or giving the end of year graduation address affirming the right of faith based education systems to insist on their staff holding to sexual standards that their faith […]

Don’t Let Sexular Culture Leave Women as Also-Rans

Sooner or later reality catches up with the intellectual schizophrenia of gender identity politics and beats it to the line. And sometimes, as in the case of a dispute over prize money for a recent running race at Queensland University of Technology, actually beats it to the line. As the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports, the […]

A Sexular Age

For all of secularism’s stated lofty and noble ideals, the separation of state and church in modern  western democracies is now akin to two drunken, fighting cowboys rolling around in the gutter in gold rush California. Or perhaps two female wrestlers in jelly (that’s Jell-O in the US apparently), so tawdry and voyeuristic has it become. What […]

Don’t Think About Pink Elephants: When Gay Conservatives Go Rogue on Orthodox Christianity

Pink Elephants You know the funny little trick: “Quick! Don’t think about pink elephants!” And suddenly, a herd of pachyderm of a particular colour palette are all that you can think about. Try as you might you cannot block them out, loud and incessant as they are with all of their florid trumpeting and vaguely […]