Hey Christians: Let’s All Give Two Cheers For Nominalism

Nominalism Schnominalism Nominal Christianity has become the whipping boy for many a consultant/speaker on the Christian circuit these days. In fact it’s become a whole cottage industry. To my shame, I have veered dangerously close to it myself in presentations. Especially when I say things like “It’s only when Christianity is believed and practiced by […]

With No Martyn Iles The ACL Risks Becoming The Australian Christendom Lobby

I like Martyn Iles, the now-former MD of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL). I would consider him an ally in the gospel, and increasingly a good acquaintance/friend. Martyn’s services have now been terminated, and it has, apparently, much to do with the direction he was taking the organisation in. If anyone has any secret sauce […]

Christian Foster Parents, Gay Children and Six Thousand Dollars Worth of Hurt Feelings

Nearly three years ago, right before the pandemic locked down my home state and there were more important things to worry about, I wrote about the case of a Western Australian couple who had been rejected as short term foster carers by a government funded adoption agency. You can read that article here. The case […]

Australians All Let Us Rejoice, For We are Safe and Free

In one of the greater insights into the national Australian psyche, famed expat cultural commentator, Clive James, made this statement about his fellow Aussies: “The problem with Australians is not that so many of them are descended from convicts, but that so many of them are descended from prison officers.” In other words, as much […]