Why John Dickson’s Undeceptions Trans Gender Podcast Episode is 73% Good

John Dickson’s Undeceptions podcast is undoubtedly the best Christian podcast in Australia in terms of content, production values, and breadth. It also has that elusive ingredient; the ability to take crunchy, high fibre material and break it down into manageable, masticable morsels. I must confess I have come to listening to it later in the […]


Shane Warne was a human headline to the end. An end that came quickly and shockingly on the same day another cricketing superstar died. No disrespect to Rod Marsh, but while old Iron Gloves was famous for being a cricketer, Shane Warne was famous for being, well for being Shane Warne. Or Shane. To an […]

Greedy for Gain

There’s something ugly, something character revealing, about the politician who squeezes absolutely every inch out of their entitlements. Those who make sure that every dollar of those things that they can technically claim is used up, and who spend the time to do so. Every few years there are outcries about some entitlement scandal in […]

Sam Chan tells us why truth AND relevance go together in preaching

Sam Chan is a colleague of mine at City Bible Forum. He could be a stand up comic, cos he’s super funny. He’s a great evangelist and trainer, and seems to write a book a year. His latest book, co-authored with Malcolm Gill, is Topical Preaching in a Complex World: How to Proclaim Truth and […]