Aussie missionary to UK, Josh Williamson, was free but unwise.

The Brisbane-born pastor who is facing calls for his deportation from the UK back to Australia, over his public comments praising the cancellation of the Cornwall Pride event on a public Facebook page event has acted unwisely. If Josh Williamson is deported – which seems an unlikely scenario – then he should give some time […]

Waxing lyrical about Cobra Kai: a reality kick to the face for X-Gens

Where are they now? X-Gens once trawled their old yearbooks wondering what their class mates were up to, and asking themselves, “Did I ever look that young?” Now of course, X-Gens just cut to the chase and stalk their old classmates on Facebook, ramping up the creepy and dialling down the mystery. Fatter, older, balder. […]

A funny thing happened to Adele on the way to the Notting Hill Carnival

So Adele decided to put her hair in Bantu knots, and wear a Jamaican flag bikini for the annual Notting Hill Carnival in London. And sent Twitter into meltdown. Not because she’s skinny now. Not because she’s put on weight now. No, those things are so pre-COVID-19 outrages over Adele. This time it was for […]

Some stuff about sour dough and COVID vaccines, the death of religion, and the state of education

I”ve been a little busy recently with other work stuff, so not as much blog posting with material specifically for But I do have some stuff from my Third Space musings, and will be posting in the future around the trend away from city living (a series that I started last week about the […]