True or False: Most churches simply focus on sexual sins?

There’s an accusation doing the rounds that Christian churches that speak about sex, are not only ignoring other sins by doing so, but are doing so in order to ignore other sins. They’re speaking about sex in order to give other sins a hall pass. So sins such as slander, gossip, greed etc are being allowed […]

When Everything is Gay Conversion Therapy

When everything is something, nothing is. Hence the trouble with the statement put out by SOCEsurvivors, (Sexual Orientation Change Efforts survivors) concerning the fairly widely discredited practice of gay conversion therapy, is that its definition of what that actually is, becomes too broad to legislate against. And legislators get nervous at that point.  Specifics are […]

Church Plants: Rehab For Worn Out Christians

The primary role for a church plant in Australia, indeed around the West, is Christian rehab. I know, I know.  It doesn’t look as sexy as saying we’re going to plant a church to “evangelise this neighbourhood/suburb/city/nation”, but my experience shows me that rehabilitation is the primary result of church planting, not evangelisation. This is not to […]

Do We Really Want Our Christian Prime Minister Making Christian Decisions?

So now that Scott Morrison is safely ensconced in The Lodge, Christians on Facebook and Twitter are calling for  our new Pentecostal Prime Minister to act Christianly, especially in the public square in regards to asylum seekers. But is that what they really want him to do? To act as a Christian Prime Minister? I suspect […]

Leave the Politicians To Their Empire of Dirt: At Least Just For Today

Not everything is political, despite the insistence of people who feel that the personal is always political.  There’s the philosophical domain, the theological domain, the psychological domain.  Those should be kept the hell separate from politics. Timely words on Jordan Peterson’s podcast today, especially here in the Amusement Arcade of Australia. The manic off-key organ […]