Hey Christians, when it comes to Advent joy this Christmas, Coles has us on toast.

Have you see the Christmas 2021 media campaign from Coles grocery chain? It’s beautiful and emotional and joyous. It’s a religious experience which even taps into the whole liturgical idea of Advent, and all without even mentioning Jesus. Pretty smart huh? Truly wonderful. And truly reflective of the generally non-religious – in the traditional sense […]

Senior Aussie Journalist Casts a Reporter’s Eye Over The New Testament: Likes What He Reads

Australian senior journalist Greg Sheridan has written a compelling book about why Christianity is both true and necessary in our modern world. There are plenty of books written by those in the “Christian Industry” that make a splash in the theological pond, but barely a ripple in the wider world. In other words, Christian bookshops […]

The Harm Gap

I recently wrote for Solas in the UK, around the issue of “harm” or “dangerous” being the language now employed to describe the Christian framework on sexual ethics, rather than simply “wrong” or “misguided”. It can be quite the challenge for Christians in the workplace who wish to remain faithful to Jesus and to share […]

Mark’s Zucker Punch: It’s Strictly Business

My twin brother put it well yesterday in light of Facebook’s decision to remove all Australian news content (including my blog?) from its feed. Zuckerberg isn’t immoral – he’s amoral. Which isn’t perhaps as much a moral declaration about Zuckerberg as much as it is an observation about him. Ok, I know the brilliant The […]