What Are We to Make of the Muslim Call to Prayer Going Out Over the New Zealand Airwaves?

There has been much discussion about the decision by the New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinta Arden, to arrange for the Muslim call to prayer to go out over the airwaves of national radio today, followed by two minutes silence.  And all this in light of the atrocities in Christchurch last week. On the surface it […]

No people, this is NOT what you get for mixing Islam with the West.

In the wake of the terrible events in the Christchurch mosques just today, could Christians of a certain persuasion stop writing things on Facebook along the lines of “This is what you get for mixing Islam in the West.”? Yep, I saw that within a few minutes of the announcement of the shooting, but strangely […]

Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow and Only You Had Ever Heard of Jesus

Imagine waking up and only you had heard of The Beatles. That’s the conceit behind the latest movie from director Danny “SlumDog Millionaire” Boyle and screenwriter Richard “Love Actually” Curtis, Yesterday. Yesterday is shaping up to be the feel-good movie of the coming northern summer, in which a talented, but spectacularly unsuccessful musician, Jack Malik, wakes […]