I was doing a recovery run the other day, just cruising along the river the morning after a hard effort long run the day before.  Stunning Perth winter’s afternoon, not a breeze, not a cloud, nice and cool. Recovery runs are not the time to check your Garmin for pace, in fact you’d be better […]

Some Blogs I’ve Written In My New Role at City Bible Forum

Just a few posts I’ve written for City Bible Forum recently.  I’ve just started working three days per week for City Bible Forum in a new venture called Third Space (so watch this “third” space!).  I’ve got the impressive title National Communicator, which just means “keep doing what you’re doing”! I will continue to work […]

Sincerity: If You Can Fake That You’ve Got … Authenticity

It was George Burns who is attributed with the razor sharp aphorism: “Sincerity, if you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” And working backwards, the key to what makes you in this late modern age is the fake version of sincerity – authenticity.  If you can fake that you’ve definitely got it made, and you’re probably […]

For Secular Progressives The Conversation Is Just A Monologue

You’d think that with ALP politicians now falling over themselves to show how in tune they actually are with religious communities that this would be a time for the progressives to start listening to people they don’t understand. Yet progressive online journals such as The Conversation, are still getting it completely wrong, to the point […]