You Can’t Tell A Better Story if You’re Not a Better Story Teller (even if you’ve got a better story)

I’ve been moved, and encouraged, by the response I have received from many of you about my last blog post  about my mum’s incredible grace shown towards my dad.  And people have shared their own stories of grace in the midst of trial too. I’ve written blog posts that have been read more widely, but never – […]

When The Tasmanian Toddlers Get into the Knife Drawer

The Tasmanian Toddlers, also known as the politicians that state’s lower house of parliament, have gotten into the knife drawer.  And it won’t be pretty. Now there’s something cute about toddlers sitting on the kitchen floor rummaging through the Tupperware cupboard. Something cute.  Something safe. Something innocent. Those little bundles of joy are in no […]

Nationalism Is The Worst Thing Ever. Along With Globalism

  Nationalism is pretty much the whipping boy of international progressive politics these days. And not without some reason.  It is after all, 100 years this past Sunday, since the guns fell silent, ending the slaughter of the Great War that decimated the cream of Europe’s youth. French President, Emmanuel Macron, summed up the chastened […]

Sorry Modern Secularists, The Global Future is Large Religious Families.

The utopian ideal of the modern secular state is a world that looks Scandinavian. Cool, slightly detached, rational, autonomous units, small families, low carbon footprint (apart from all that IKEA packaging), and, most of all, post-religious. But demography is not the friend of those with such utopian ideals. A report in The Times of London […]

“The Establishment Is Appalled”: How The Gay Community Moved So Quickly From Margin to Centre

  “The Establishment is appalled” With those words in his most recent article in The Guardian, Australian public intellectual and journalist, David Marr, revealed just how the marginalised gay community moved so quickly to the cultural centre. His statement is in reference to the storm surrounding the letter written by 34 principals of Sydney Anglican […]