Who Would You Be Embarrassed To Be Seen Having Coffee With?

There was a picture of Israel Folau and his wife having coffee on the streets of Sydney yesterday with a group of people. But don’t worry. Those people were representatives of the Australian Rugby Union having a stern word with him, so no one was actually putting their cultural credibility on the line by being […]

Lying Community Outraged By Folau’s Latest Tweet

There was outrage amongst members of Australia’s lying community this morning after rugby star Israel Folau’s latest social media gaffe on Instagram. Speaking under a pseudonym, spokesman for support group, Lying Is A Right, Chuck Norris, said that enough was enough and that Folau had to be called to account. “It’s getting out of hand,” […]

Transgender Activism’s Spotlight Moment

Well, this could well be transgender activism’s “Spotlight” moment. You may remember Spotlight, that fantastic Hollywood movie named after the journalistic investigation team at the Boston Globe newspaper. Through methodical research, the Spotlight team at the Globe uncovered the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church in the United States in the early 2000s, pushing […]


Trendcendence: [trend-sen-duh ns] Noun: The quality or state of trending that ushers in a sense of transcendence. Okay, so I made that word up – it’s a neo-logism – but bear with me. We live, publicly at least, in an avowedly secular world.  Living in a material world and we are material girls, boys, or a […]

What Are We to Make of the Muslim Call to Prayer Going Out Over the New Zealand Airwaves?

There has been much discussion about the decision by the New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinta Arden, to arrange for the Muslim call to prayer to go out over the airwaves of national radio today, followed by two minutes silence.  And all this in light of the atrocities in Christchurch last week. On the surface it […]