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Christian schools are staring down the barrel of the religion of sex

In the Sexular Age, sexual identity trumps everything. All other identities must be subsumed under sexual identity and to stand up against this now results in censure and legal implications. This much is clear from the Eternity newspaper article in which the department of the Attorney General of Victoria was questioned over what rights those […]

Why are so many young childless men getting the snip? Because hope has been cut off.

When I first saw the article in The Weekend Australian that young men are rushing up to get the big “V”, my initial thoughts were “Good, it’s about time the casual Aussie young bloke who thinks COVID will bypass him, goes and gets vaxed.” But imagine my surprise when I realised that it was not […]

The Sexular Age has finally caught up with Australian Christian Schools

It was always a matter of time. Only ever a matter of time. No amount of smiles and public speeches by Australian politicians coming up to elections, or giving the end of year graduation address affirming the right of faith based education systems to insist on their staff holding to sexual standards that their faith […]

Senior Aussie Journalist Casts a Reporter’s Eye Over The New Testament: Likes What He Reads

Australian senior journalist Greg Sheridan has written a compelling book about why Christianity is both true and necessary in our modern world. There are plenty of books written by those in the “Christian Industry” that make a splash in the theological pond, but barely a ripple in the wider world. In other words, Christian bookshops […]

The Harm Gap

I recently wrote for Solas in the UK, around the issue of “harm” or “dangerous” being the language now employed to describe the Christian framework on sexual ethics, rather than simply “wrong” or “misguided”. It can be quite the challenge for Christians in the workplace who wish to remain faithful to Jesus and to share […]