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Hey Ministers and Theologians: When It Comes to the Secular Workplace, You Just Don’t Get It

The Israel Folau storm has exposed many things, and this is one of them: many ministry workers have little idea of the pressures people face in the modern workplace.  They just don’t get it.  Not that it stops them making big statements about it. If you’re a Christian ministry worker and you’ve had a lot to […]


I was doing a recovery run the other day, just cruising along the river the morning after a hard effort long run the day before.  Stunning Perth winter’s afternoon, not a breeze, not a cloud, nice and cool. Recovery runs are not the time to check your Garmin for pace, in fact you’d be better […]

Some Blogs I’ve Written In My New Role at City Bible Forum

Just a few posts I’ve written for City Bible Forum recently.  I’ve just started working three days per week for City Bible Forum in a new venture called Third Space (so watch this “third” space!).  I’ve got the impressive title National Communicator, which just means “keep doing what you’re doing”! I will continue to work […]

Sincerity: If You Can Fake That You’ve Got … Authenticity

It was George Burns who is attributed with the razor sharp aphorism: “Sincerity, if you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” And working backwards, the key to what makes you in this late modern age is the fake version of sincerity – authenticity.  If you can fake that you’ve definitely got it made, and you’re probably […]