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Shock, Horror, Christians Might Get Crucified by The Govt’s Religious Bill!

Hey watch out Christians!  You know that Bill that was supposed to protect you from discrimination?  Well here’s the latest:  It’s actually going to enable people to discriminate against you! Don’t believe me?  Then what about this?: Scary huh! But also – once again – fake news.  Fake news worthy of The Donald! All it […]

Christians: Do your beliefs make you unsafe to be foster parents?

So what would you say as a traditional Christian couple when (not if) the foster care agency asks your response to a foster child announcing they identified as LGBTQI? Leaving aside the vexing question of what age any child could make such a declaration meaningfully, this exact issue has led to a Western Australian couple […]

Sorry Sydney Morning Herald, I’m not champing at the bit to be a bigot

Do you know what the conservative religious people of Australia are waiting for? They are waiting for the government’s religious discrimination bill to pass Parliament so that they can rush down to their local child care centre and shout at single mums that God is going to judge them for their kids not having a […]

This leftie is right about church: No bones about it.

In a fascinating article in The Canberra Times, climate activist, Michael Bones, writes about how progressives need to take a leaf about how to change society from, of all places – the church – and conservative church at that.  You can read the full article here. In the wake of the terrible Australian bushfires and the […]