Stephen will bring your leaders and people together to train, equip and resource you as you seek to reach your communities with the gospel.

About Stephen’s Mission

In an ever changing cultural landscape we all need “situational awareness” if our mission is to survive and thrive.

Stephen’s mission is to help you in your mission, by training and equipping your people with teaching that is gospel-centred, training that is culturally relevant, and strategies that account for the ever-changing post-Christian society in which we live.

Whether it’s through speaking to schools or churches, writing online or other media, consultations with boards and executives, Stephen’s mission is to equip God’s people in every setting to effectively disciple those within their organisation, and confidently share the good news of Jesus in a secular time that has never seemed so hostile to the gospel, but never been so open to it either.

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About Stephen

Steve has a background in journalism and three decades experience pastoring and planting churches

He has spent most of his life in Western Australia, but is originally from Northern Ireland, emigrating, as so many did, back in the 1970s.

A love of reading and writing has been with him since he can remember. Even as he has pastored churches and shared the gospel over the years, he saw the need for Christian communities to better engage the changing world they lived in. Starting with a blog, then moving to books and speaking engagements, Stephen’s life looks a little different to what it was when leading a church. But his aim is the same: to see God’s people flourish in a constantly changing culture. And to ensure that, as he lives within Christian community, his own faith flourishes too.

The discipleship task for those who know that the future is assured then is to do the work of futureproofing the church now. We’re working our salvation out, if you like—in the knowledge that God is working it in (Philippians 2 v 12-13).

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