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So the book burning begins. Streaming service Netflix has started to remove movies. Time to rename it Notflix. Stranger things have happened. Though perhaps Stranger Things has crossed some imaginary line that will see it pulled soon enough.  And I don’t know how they’ll go with that adult cartoon wonder, Bojack Horseman which pretty much […]

Hey Christian: Just because other people (including Christians) have flouted social distancing laws, it doesn’t mean you should too.

Well the inevitable result of the refusal by state governments and law enforcement agencies to enforce social distancing laws at the BLM protests has arrived, with the news that many businesses are going to openly defy the law, given others have gotten away with it without censure. Read what The Australian newspaper reports about the […]

COVID-19 gave the church a blessing in disguise: let’s not waste it.

The bold prediction by atheist gadfly and newspaper columnist, Peter Fitzsimmons that COVID-19 would deal a blow to religion because older people – who were more at risk – were more religious, has been gloriously exposed as wishful thinking. If truth be told, despite the suffering (or perhaps because of it?) the church has received […]

I Can’t Believe I’ve Never Heard This Song Before!

We’ve all gone down some rabbit holes during lockdown. My particular rabbit hole has been music reaction videos. That’s right.  I’ve spent way too much time locked up at home watching funky young hip hop and rap dudes reacting to classic rock and pop songs that were delivered way before they were. And being astounded […]