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Yesterday New York Signed Off On Toxic Humanity

Forget toxic masculinity.  Don’t even mention toxic femininity.  Yesterday’s move by the New York legislature to enshrine abortion up to full term in New York State is a prime example of one thing: toxic humanity. But more than that.  The true toxicity is not in the signing of the legislation, but in the unadulterated celebrating […]

Haggai: Just The Prophet For These Hard Secular Times

In hard secular times we imagine that the people of God will nobly knuckle down and stand firm in the face of the Sexular Culture, the post-Christian social experiments that continue to defy physio-logic, and progressive officialdom’s push to purge the public square of any Christian voice that does not play the “renaming” game. In […]

Responding to Jared C Wilson’s “Why Christian Movies Are So Terrible”

Jared C Wilson gets five out of five stars for his review of the state of Christian movies: Why Christian Movies Are So Terrible.  He nails it, especially the first point, that Christian movies are made, not by artists, but by propagandists. Wilson states: Christian movies are more akin to propaganda than art, because they […]

Some reasons why Millennials should get into traditional liturgy (and some reasons why they shouldn’t)

Contemporary is out.  Liturgy is the new black. A recent article in The Times confirms what I’ve been hearing anecdotally, and been witnessing among our own congregation: many Millennials returning to church are often not headed towards the large pentecostal churches, or the “pentecostal-lite”, or even the “evangelical-lite”, but towards liturgy. Now the article above is […]

The Respectful Relationships Program Could Start by Respecting Parents.

It would seem that the only relationship that isn’t respected by those rolling out the Trojan horse program Respectful Relationships into our schools, is the relationship between parents and their own children. Once Christmas ends, the first billboards from Officeworks are up, reminding parents that it’s back to school in only four weeks time!  Four […]