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Jordan Peterson and the Courage of the Counter-intuitive

The courage to be counter-intuitive is rare, but necessary.  And increasingly rare, and therefore increasingly necessary in this brittle, brutal media-saturated world. This struck me listening to Jordan Peterson (him again!) on Richard Fidler’s excellent ABC Conversations program, a podcast that has three million subscribers. Three million subscribers.  Think about that. Three million subscribers listening […]

Why Jewish Kids Don’t Have Peanut Allergies

Jewish children rarely have peanut allergies. Come to think of it, very few people in my primary school had peanut allergies either. There we were in the playground, hair to our collars, flared corduroys, white hi-tops, dreaming of the days when the internet would be invented, and stoically eating peanut butter sandwiches at lunchtime. Every […]

Four Things Preachers Can Learn from Jordan Peterson (and One Thing We Can Teach Him)

Jordan Peterson is like the planking craze of 2011; just two months ago no one had heard of him, now he’s an international meme. Planking (remember that?), was the crazy act of lying down in an equally crazy place (some people just call that “sleeping it off”).  It looked a little something like this: It […]