May 4, 2024

A New Podcast? Called Dual Citizens? Get Onto It People!

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the most hirsute of all? Is Brand joining us as a dual citizen these days?

Hey if you’re keen, I’m doing a new podcast called Dual Citizens with David Ould, an Anglican rector from Sydney.

Dual Citizens is as it sounds, a conversation about contemporary issues that straddles the tension of living in this kingdom, but belonging to another one.

Check out our latest episode of Dual Citizens here, and maybe sign up for the fortnightly drop. Okay, so Russell Brand wasn’t with us in the studio. Maybe another time.

This week we’re looking at the baptism of enfant terrible, Russell Brand. Dunked in The Thames no less. Along with that, and perhaps some people would say aligned with that, issues of domestic violence in Australia, and the sudden spike in violent deaths.

And speaking of violence, just what is going on on our supposedly elite institutions of learning, with students almost gleefully backing a homophobic, misogynistic terror group (aka Hamas), that runs counter to every progressive bone in their bodies (apart from the fact that critical theory demands such support).

All that and more (actually, no, that’s it for this episode). But more to come in a fortnight.

Remember to sign up here.

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There is no guarantee that Jesus will return in our desired timeframe. Yet we have no reason to be anxious, because even if the timeframe is not guaranteed, the outcome is! We don’t have to waste energy being anxious; we can put it to better use.

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