Ayaan Hirsi Ali says she’s now a Christian (but only if that’s okay with the rest of us)

The Right Kinda Christian? Several years ago I was having dinner with my wife’s long-term university friends who had all studied psychology with her back in the day. Great bunch. They’d all met in their late teens in their first couple of weeks on campus, and here they were in their forties still meeting up, […]

Actually Max, the post-Christian West IS Babylon: It just depends what you mean by it.

I wasn’t able to attend the 2023 Freedom For Faith conference recently. I did attend the 2022 version where I was one of the keynote speakers, whereupon I promptly got COVID (my first awful round) on the trip back. I was also scurrilously misquoted by The Financial Review, whose reporter made me out to be […]

Five Lessons That Big Ange Can Teach Christian Leaders

My Big Ange Dilemma I am a Gunners supporter. An Arsenal Football Club tragic. From way back. 1980. Living in Australia watching late night replays as a band of white English blokes hoof the ball forward for a nil-all draw on a muddy pitch in the shadows of the standing-only chilly Highbury terraces. Now? It’s […]

The Matildas: It’s All About Football, Sex and Transcendence.

And He Scores! I remember the best goal I ever scored in a football match. Okay, in a soccer match for you minority football codes in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. That goal! It had a sense of, a sense of transcendence. My best goal ever. A desperately fast back-and-forth cup final match, when […]

Victoria’s Anti-Conversion Legislation Promotional Is A Soothing Bed-Time Story

The Victorian Government has just published its media information pack on conversion therapy. And I’ve gotta say, the YouTube video its has produced takes the biscuit. And it’s taken a leaf out of casting central, by employing Mr Bed Time Story Guy to provide the voice over. As I was watching it I wanted to […]

I’m Reading “The Case For Christian Nationalism”, So That You Don’t Have To (Pt 1)

We’ll get to Stephen Wolfe’s The Case For Christian Nationalism in a moment, but first… It’s an angry political world. And Christians are not immune. Angry Politics I am not immune. You are not immune. It’s angry politics at twenty paces – even among Christians. I’m a conservative so I get angry from the Right. […]