The Forced Government Takeover Of a Catholic Hospital – And a Subtraction Story

The ABC in Australia is today reporting the forced takeover of a Catholic hospital by the Australian Capital Territory’s government in Canberra. The Catholic Hospital, with the rather cute religious order name of “The Little Company of Mary” was acquired without the consent of the local Catholic Archbishop. The ABC reports the Archbishop’s vicar-general, Richard […]

Living in None-Land: How the Rest of the West Can Help American Christians in Their Decline

Post-religious America is somewhat like the angry teenager who, in seeking to self-identify in what seems like a suffocating household, becomes self-aware. Do you get what I mean? Self-aware of how transgressive they are. Self-aware of what the house rules are. Self-awareness is akin to an enlightening of the soul. The teen, bless his little […]

Hey Remember: There are Christian Schools and there are “Christian” Schools

In the current furore in Australia around who can be the student captain of a Christian school, it’s important to remember that there are Christian schools and there are “Christian” schools. You know what I mean by that? Simply this: There are schools that are committed to staffing and teaching according to a biblical/gospel framework […]