Hey Christians: When it comes to engaging non-Christians, don’t be like Aaron

This is Aaron. Aaron Patrick. Christians, when it comes to engaging someone who is not a Christian, don’t be like Aaron. In fact, be the opposite of Aaron. Aaron Patrick is a senior correspondent for the Australian Financial Review – a major national newspaper in Australia (equivalent of the UK’s The Financial Times). He specialises […]

Pastors Respond to my “Don’t Ask a Pastor About Evangelism” Post

My recent post, on why one should not necessarily ask a pastor why evangelism for most people is hard, elicited some spirited responses. Tucked between that initial post and this one, was one of the reasons that orthodox Christians are concerned about evangelism: Shane Warne’s death ushered him into an eternity without God, and a […]

Why is Evangelism Hard? If you Want the Real Answer, Don’t Ask a Pastor

Every so often on good evangelical websites that I read I come across an article that asks the question (before answering it in three points), as to why we find evangelism so hard. The answers are usually along the lines of; We don’t see the danger We don’t see the value We don’t see the […]

The Abusive Pastor: The shift from being godly to being god-like

Amongst the many articles written about Mars Hill, most destined to become digital land-fill, this one piece on the Mere Orthodoxy website stand out for its exceptional theological depth and pastoral insight. Jared Michelson has done an excellent job at getting to the issues behind the issues behind the issues behind the…. (you get what […]

Greedy for Gain

There’s something ugly, something character revealing, about the politician who squeezes absolutely every inch out of their entitlements. Those who make sure that every dollar of those things that they can technically claim is used up, and who spend the time to do so. Every few years there are outcries about some entitlement scandal in […]