Christian Word of the Year: Winsome

So here’s me choosing my Christian Word Of The Year. Drum roll please, “The Christian word of the year is WINSOME!” Taa-dah! That’s right, winsome! It’s everywhere you look at the moment. So please step forward “winsome” and take a bow. You’ve been over-used, over-realised, under-appreciated, over-stated, undered and overed, and whatever else can happen […]

When Voluntary Assisted Dying Becomes Coercive Assisted Dying

The voluntary assisted dying (VAD) push in Australia is set to win the aesthetics of the ethical war, as it inevitably does elsewhere. And the latest stoush with the Catholic Church over comments by Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge, who warned that the last rites may be withheld from those who undertake VAD has ramped up […]