Newsflash: Churches Sexual Diversity Training Day Speech revealed!

The following transcript was recently handed to by an eponymously named source. does not vouch for the veracity of the transcript, but was, nevertheless, impressed with the wisdom, insight and sheer daring-do of the eponymously named source. The leaking of this revealing document s comes just one day after this report in The […]

Clerical bullying and spiritual abuse: Are they the same thing?

This weekend it is one year exactly since The Christianity Today article was published that brought about the end of the public ministry of Steve Timmis, former CEO of Acts29 and founder of The Crowded House network of churches in the UK. I played no small part in that article’s creation, although Timmis had been […]

The State of Victoria is hunting down the bad guys. Is it coming for you?

If I’d written in my new book Being the Bad Guys that education materials would soon be sent to churches by a government in Australia to tell them how they are permitted to talk about sexuality matters to avoid prosecution, I would have been laughed at. Yet that is what the Victorian Government has just […]

This week we leave Providence Church after ten years ministry

This week – this past Sunday in fact – we left our beloved Providence Church network after a decade of life and ministry in a church setting that morphed from three households and thirty six people, to three churches (one starting in a month) with five congregations and some 500 people. And it’s painful to […]