Victorian Conversion Therapy Legislation: destined for the baddest guys of all – us!

From tomorrow in the state of Victoria in Australia, all that you will have to do to become badder guys than you are today is to stay exactly where you are. Don’t shift in your thinking around biblical sexual ethics. Don’t move. Just stay orthodox and let the Victorian Government Legislation do the shifting for […]

Is abuse more prevalent in the church today than in the past?

Despite being one of the most shaping events of the past few decades, no one in the Twin Towers thought to film the terrible events on their mobile/cell phones. No cell phone footage was made, or found in the tangled wreckage, showing the tragedy unfold. There’s plenty of external footage of planes flying into buildings. […]

The push to define conversion therapy as everything and anything

If pastors and other Christian ministry workers were left in any doubt as to whether any orthodox teaching on sexuality is being targeted by bans on conversion therapy in Australia, they could look no further than this recent article from the ABC. As the force of the article shows, the target of governments like Dan […]

a shout-out to the meddling kids: the Age of the Unmasking

It feels like the end of a Scooby Doo episode. An unmasking of sorts. Later this afternoon, Perth Australia time, a report will be released by the remaining elders of The Crowded House network in Sheffield UK. The report, commissioned by those elders, and carried out by the national safeguarding review organisation in the UK, […]