May 28, 2021

Absolutely Ripped or Absolutely Gutting?

Is the headline intended to be ironic?

This is the accompanying photo:

I mean, this is Elliot, formerly Ellen Page, and according to the celebratory article, he’s absolutely ripped.

Sure is.

I mean we can see where the surgeon’s knife absolutely ripped off Page’s breasts, for the sake of, for the sake of, what, exactly?

For the sake of celebrating the ability to loose the surly bonds of one’s own gender and transverse, translate, transform.

There are a whole lot of trans words in there.

And we’re being called to celebrate it. To bow down to the myth.

The article goes on:

An impressive set of abs.

Impressive set of abs.

It’s not really good enough to just transcend your gender these days. If you’re the rich and powerful you must ensure that it’s not just any man – or woman – that you become. It must be the best. It must be an impressive set of abs (and it is, isn’t it young men – you’d kill for those). It must be the front cover of Vanity Fair as Woman of the Year (Caitlyn Jenner). It cannot be plain old vanilla man or woman.

It must be Ubermenchen.

It must be Uberfrau.

And we – the proles – must bow down to these Ubermenchen and Uberfrau as the new cultural gods in a world completely lacking in that other “trans” word – transcendence. We are being led by the enlightened gods of the Sexular Age to the glorious future of crafting ourselves into whatever it is we wish to be.

And for every Elliot Page who has the money, the fame, the influence, the safety net of expensive doctors and the latest technology, there are myriad gender confused teens, gender dysphoric young people, anxious parents worried about being sidelined by activist medicos and lawyers, and a compliant media. The proles are merely the crushed road-base paved over by the fools gold of sexual celebrities on the path to self-destruction.

I just spoke at a conference in Canberra on Monday at which a young man spoke who works in schools around the country, listening to the concerns of young women in a pornified culture. Schools where women as young as 13 are forced into sexual acts by their male peers that are criminal, but never reported. He made the point to me afterwards that with the high levels of sexual violence being promulgated against young women almost at will by young men, perhaps the safest thing for a young woman to become is a young man. That’s where we are at.

And perhaps just a quick reminder to those in the church who would – for the sake of love – go down the affirming line when it comes to LGBTQI+.

You don’t get to cherry pick the Sexual Revolution. You don’t get to decide that this photo is too icky, or a bridge too far. There is no bridge left. If you have crossed it, you’re going to have swim back across the river, with all of the currents against you. You will have to sign up to everything, everything, or nothing at all. The Sexual Revolution is affirm all, or affirm nothing. And we’ve only just gotten started. The next ten years will be interesting, and shocking, but neither will they be the bottoming out.

Decide now which side of that river you wish to stand on. Or it will decide for you.

The ongoing results of this Sexular Age are there for all to see. Ripped abs, torn off breasts, language contorted to say the opposite of what is actually the case.

Gutting indeed.

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