Tate Modern

Despite the temptation to label the misogynistic, abusive and downright dangerous attitudes towards women held by Andrew Tate as “Neanderthal”, his views are quite modern. Very modern actually. Perhaps you’ve never heard of Tate. Well google him. He’s a US/Brit celebrity who was once kicked off Britain’s Big Brother when a video of him beating […]

Happy Birthday George Jetson: Hope You Weren’t Expecting a Nine Hour Working Week

Happy birthday George Jetson! According to disputed records, George was destined to be born in 2022, and some say – with little evidence – that the date was 31st July. If that is the case then he’s now a full week and bit old, and giving his mother sleepless nights with his disturbed circadian rhythm. […]

James Valentine: A case study in the “no religion” census ticker

In the wake of the Australian census, in which huge swathes of Aussies declared for the first time that they have “no religion”, comes a whole bunch of articles that explore how that doesn’t mean people are not good just because they are post religious. And it makes for an interesting insight into the mind […]

Not Inhuman Yet

This is the photo that, ironically, proved that there was still a yuck factor among even the most ardent pro-choice advocates. That somehow, despite the one-way street of post-Christian Western ideologies, we haven’t jettisoned everything. Culturally we’re not completely inhuman. Not yet at least. One day until full term (and with another child in tow […]

Australian Christianity is Officially in Decline (and I, for one, am relieved)

The 2021 census stats are out, and it’s official (again): Australian Christianity is in freefall decline. As The Australian newspaper reports: The number of Australians who aren’t religious has almost doubled over the decade, with almost 40 per cent indicating in the latest census that they have no religious belief. The Australian Bureau of Statistics […]

Clearing the High Bar of Fairness in Women’s Sport

One of my favourite Youtubers is former multiple US 800m champion, two times Olympian and World Championships silver medallist, Nick Symmonds, also known as “The Bison” for his muscular frame and galloping kick at the end of a race. Symmonds has carved out a great second career after elite athletics, with a hugely informative and […]