The Post-Christmas Saviours of NOOM and e-Harmony are Upon Us

It’s the week after Christmas and the post-Christmas saviours are appearing on the TV. Yes, this grey-zone week, when most of us (in mid-summer Australia anyway) can’t figure out what day it is, is the week of the post-Christmas saviour. It’s that time in the secular liturgical calendar ‘twixt December 27th and January 1st, the […]

Sorry Luke, most Christians DO believe in Christ’s miracles

So used are Christians to hearing that they have to know how their neighbours think or what the worldview of their friends is in order to engage them with the gospel, that it’s easy to forget how little non-Christians understand about what Christians believe. Or how little they even bother trying. It’s easy to forget […]

“Mock or Shock”: How secularists attack the Religious Freedoms Bill

Well it’s that time of the election cycle again when the religious freedoms Bill is being put together. Gosh! Have three years really gone that quickly? And equally “Gosh!”, why do we find ourselves in the same place again, nervously looking at how this will all pan out in Federal Parliament? At the last Federal […]