January 5, 2021

Five Reasons to Buy My Book

Okay, so last week I gave five reasons not to buy my book and the reverse psychology seems to have worked (evil genius that I am). So today I am going to pitch you five reasons why you should buy my book.

If you don’t already know, it comes out Feb 1st and I am doing a bunch of promos for it over the next couple of weeks. The central message is this:

Yes, the times have changed, and the Christian ethic, especially in the area of sex, is now seen as problematic by an increasing number of people and institutions. But we don’t need to cave in, despair, or get angry. We can traverse this terrain with confidence in God and the gospel of His Son, even if things become more confronting for us.

So having said that, here are five reasons to buy it.

  • You SHOULD buy my book if you are a Christian who is feeling uncertain and confused about the manner in which the cultural framework is changing so rapidly. The speed of change in terms of how the Bible views human flourishing, and how the influencers of the culture view it, has unnerved many people. My book will unpack why this change has occurred, and why so rapidly.
  • You SHOULD buy my book of you are working in an industry which is pushing a strong progressive social agenda and you are unsure what stance you can take, or ought to take, in your office. There is a great deal of uncertainty among many Christians when it comes to work days that celebrate social agendas around sexual ethics in particular. What actions can we be aligned with and what must be reject? My book will help you pick your way through that minefield.
  • You SHOULD buy my book if you hold to a traditional and orthodox view of human sexuality and gender, even if you recognise that not all people do, and that we live in a broken world. You should especially buy it if you have other Christian friends who are trying to convince you otherwise – or that God’s will for us sexually has changed. My book will recommend sticking to your guns, because they community of God is called to holiness, and many in the community of the world will need such a holy community, even they don’t realise it yet. My book will show you how not to cave in to the pressure.
  • You SHOULD buy my book if you are a Christian under the age of 30. Let’s face it, living the Western world for you in the next three decades will most likely be a more tougher secular setting than it was for me growing up. There was an acceptance that the Christian faith was for do-gooders. Even now there is a suspicion – bordering on a public accusation – that the Christian message is dangerous and hostile to human flourishing, and that parts of its message must be censored or censured. If you reject that assumption, you will face anger, incredulity or you will simply be sidelined as a bigot. Three decades is a long time, so you need a hope that is eternal to keep you going.
  • You SHOULD buy my book if you want to discover ways to share the good news of Jesus with those who have bought into the alternative good news story that somehow they can fulfil their purpose and potential in life by looking within themselves. Our “sexular” culture is convinced that the path to authenticity is to live the way you want, completely free from all shackles (except perhaps the shackles of consent). However the trail of destruction this is leaving will eventually leave bodies washed up on the cultural shore, looking for mercy and grace. The church can prepare itself now to be a community of such mercy and grace, that though the culture scorns the people of God, they will be and attractive alternative to the cancel culture being raised around us, in which forgiveness is forever sought but never offered.

A lot of that makes it sound like life will get tougher in the coming years for those who have decided to follow Jesus and his call to die to self. It will. The aim of my book is to give you strategies that enable you to life joyfully in the midst of that toughness, knowing that those who lose their lives in this age for the sake of the gospel, will find it in the age to come.

If you want purchase a copy, here are some links:

The Good Book Company Australia

The Good Book Company US

The Good Book Company UK

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