September 14, 2017

Israel in Babylon: A Parable of the Game Played in Heaven

The Australian Rugby Union built a statue of pure gold that glistened, rainbow like, in the sun.  And the head of the ARU placed it in the centre of a green plain in the middle of Sydney that measured 120 metres by 70 metres.

And the head of the ARU instructed that when the Australian National Anthem was played all of the ARU community should bow down to the idol of gold that glistened, rainbow like, in the sun.

And anyone who did not do so would be thrown to the fiery furnace of elite public opinion and the moral arbiters of all things sport and culture in the country.

But some came forth on Twitter and denounced one called Israel, saying:

“Oh ARU, live for ever, have you not directed that when the Australian national anthem is played that all should bow down to the statue of pure gold that glistens like a rainbow in the sun?”

“Why, yes, yes I think that was the directive that our marketing team came up with, and that we announced in a press conference, on Twitter, Facebook, and in all of the mainstream media. It also seems to be a ratings winner and a decision that has marketing traction for a fairly poor team at the moment. Why do you ask?”

“Well, there is one among you, from the very elite that you have in your midst from the sons of Israel, and he refuses to acknowledge your statue or your edict, or head of the ARU.”

Then the countenance of the ARU’s face was changed towards Israel, and he hauled him before a disciplinary committee and demanded of him:

“Have you not heard that I have built a statue of gold that glistens like a rainbow in the sun? Why have you therefore not bowed down to it like the people of all the other nations?  What makes Israel so special?”

And Israel replied:

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 8.11.46 am

to be continued…..

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