October 2, 2020

It’s official: Elite sport is willing to crack a few eggs (and your daughter’s head) for the sake of diversity

“Participation in sport is a human right”

With that, quite frankly ludicrous, quote the Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Kate Jenkins, welcomed the announcement by nine elite sports bodies in Australia, to the inclusion of trans athletes in their elite team should they meet the standard.

(Oh and should their testosterone levels be low enough at testing time to permit).

Of course the transition to acceptance onto elite teams of those who have transitioned will all be one way traffic. It will only ever be men who have transitioned to women making the female teams and never the other way around.

The movement into male elite sport by a woman who has transitioned to a man (or in my understanding, a woman who identifies as a man), is non existent. Something to do with height, weight, power, strength etc, built up over a puberty burst that cannot be unravelled. Testosterone got you to six foot two. Do you think a blocker is going to shrink you?

And, as someone who knows a thing or two about elite netball told me, height is everything in netball. Everything. Young women are already nervous about it. Not that they’d say. Can you imagine? They now have to grit their teeth, shut their mouths, and enter an uneven playing field. And all the while smile for the camera and the power suits who have never stepped onto an elite field themselves.

The nine bodies that have signed up to this are:

  • AFL
  • Hockey Australia
  • Rugby Australia
  • Tennis Australia
  • Touch Football Australia
  • UniSport Australia
  • Water Polo Australia

You can read the statement here.

The only losers on the field, or the track, will be women, make no mistake. Women will potentially miss out on teams because of this misguided attempt to bring already misguide issues into team sports. And potentially, if not actually, miss out on prize money and contracts.

And as I said, which women in a chosen sport will be brave enough to speak up about this erasure of women from sport? Very few. Here’s the “newspeak” from the press release:

Netball Australian Netball Players’ Association President Nat Medhurst says the collective playing group welcomes Netball Australia’s policy.

Or to put it another way, “I for one welcome our new netball overlords“.

I wonder what the players actually think? Or have they looked at the scorching that JK Rowling has received and figured that they’re not as untouchable as she is, and look how that’s turning out.

But hey, I guess we’ve asked our sports to become the moral agents of our culture for so long, what did we expect? And now that the celebration of sexual diversity is the urgent moral issue of the day, sport has dutifully lined up.

In the midst of that morass, I’m grateful for the likes of Tasmanian senator, Claire Chandler, who has spoken out about the statistically disturbing 30 per cent increase in physical injury that take place in rugby when transgender men take to the field against women.

30 per cent? At the very time long term neurological problems resulting from head injuries and other traumas from elite football codes are being investigated, we’re turning a blind eye to a huge percentage risk of injury because of our experimentation around sexuality. It’s ludicrous.

And what did Senator Chandler get for her troubles? A complaint filed against her before the Tasmanian Sex Discrimination Commissioner (though, thankfully, one that was dropped just this very day).

But as I’ve said before we all must bow before the altar of the Sexular Culture. Reality, science and health must be shaped towards that narrative. A few eggs – in this case the heads of young women -may well have to be cracked if we’re going to produce that sexual omelette our culture so desperately craves. A small price to pay, hey?

Meanwhile, as The Australian reports today, actual women are having the stuffing kicked out of them by brutish men in Rugby League, where clubs are bending over backwards to protect thugs in order to keep a shiny reputation. The same code that was so horrified by the terrible antics of Israel Folau (remember him?).

Yes, I know I know, you don’t read The Australian, cos it’s Murdoch, but don’t let your bias get in the way of checking out the South Sydney story. Even their owner Russell Crowe is concerned, and if a Hollywood heavyweight thinks it’s problematic, you have permission to think so too.

Rugby League is in denial. It’s all “Hey look over here, we signed off on diversity, right? I mean anyone can play this game, even a violent man who tries to crush his eight months pregnant wife with his 116kg frame.

So when you read stuff such as the Sex Discrimination Commissioner trots out, you know that whatever sport was in the past, it now no longer is.

We’re entering an era in which there will be two sets of records in sport, pre and post trans participation.

Just as it was back in the bad old days of systematic doping from the East Germans, especially their female track athletes. There’s an asterisk next to some of those incredible times. Some of those records are destined never to be broken.

Except from now on of course. I fully expect those drug-fuelled times to tumble in the next twenty years.

But perhaps this is all not going far enough. Since the aim of the Sexular Culture is to erase the idea of binary gender altogether, to make it so fluid as to be meaningless, then just level the playing field. Take the idea to its natural conclusion and make all sport open participation. Fast track it in world record time.

Just make sport like we wish to make any other job, completely gender neutral. Make it one team and whoever makes the cut makes the cut.

To give you an example of what that would do to the Olympic 100m, let’s not talk about the final. Every heat would be male only. In fact, there’s a good chance every national Olympic trial in every country would be male only.

It’s sobering to think that there are young blokes here in local old Perth, young blokes who will never run in a national team, and whose names you will never know, who regularly run times that would win the women’s gold medal in the 5000m, and in world record time.

And this is not to take away from the incredibly fast women runners I know and watch. Their sheer speed and strength is astonishing. I never realised how fast they were until I started running and compared my times with theirs. They truly are elite.

Yet this cannot hide the fact that sub-elite men run those female Olympic times, mostly without fanfare, every weekend at Parkrun around the world.

I keep getting told that science isn’t interested in your opinion, only the facts. Over to you then science, speak up, or in your cowardice be complicit in this cultural rort (and cultural rot).

Is that going to happen? Will someone born a man win the Olympic gold medal in a women’s sporting event? Undoubtedly. And probably within my lifetime. Already college track teams in the US are already seeing men identifying as women taking all podium spots.

And the girls? Sometimes they speak out. But often they don’t. I mean, after all why would you? If a famous Rugby League club will protect its star player and reputation over against the health of a woman and her unborn child, what chance do you have? Women could well be erased from sport at an elite level.

Of course the big caveat around this is the serious health issues, physical and mental, that many trans people experience. The hurdles that those with gender dysphoria have to leap to maintain equilibrium in this world are high. Higher than the 110m hurdles at the games. Once again serious health issues are being overlooked in the rush to showcase virtue.

It’s likely that very few men who identify as women will make it onto truly elite teams because to get to the top is so difficult in the first place. And that’s even if the road is paved smooth by parents, discipline, good mental and physical health, supreme dedication, and not a little luck. Elite sport can sign off on all the “feel goods” it wants because elite sport weeds out any cracks in your armour pretty quickly. The percentage of those who make the grade is super small.

And further down the food chain? This is a recipe for trouble.

The signal from the elites is that participation in sport is a human right, but healthy participation in sport is a human responsibility. With this announcement the elite bodies have just shirked theirs.

So if you’ve got an athletic daughter playing local rugby, but who is never likely to make the elite grade, then just remember as you’re standing on the almost deserted sideline shouting encouragements, latte in hand, that the final egg to get cracked for the sake of this sexual omelette could well be hers.

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