April 17, 2018

Izzy Theologically Correct Enough For You All Now?

In the aftermath of the media storm that engulfed his comments about homosexuality on Instagram, rugby union star Israel Folau has had a long, and personal article published in online player’s journal Player’s VoiceScreen Shot 2018-04-17 at 8.11.18 am.png

Folau’s great crime in the eyes of the Sexular Culture was to answer a question about homosexual activity in the negative.  Sure it was clunky and sure he could have answered slightly smarter, but he was always going to get a pasting for holding that view.

The manner in which sponsors and employers threw up their hands in horror was predictable, although even they could have not predicted the backlash against them, given the level of hypocrisy shown by big businesses such as QANTAS who are all too happy to, ahem, get into bed with whoever has the most money.

The Australian public smelled a rat.  So the powers that be were caught in the crossfire of looking hypocritical about money and not a little inflexible about someone giving their personal opinion.

What really intrigued me, however was the sniffy manner in which so many evangelicals of the Reformed and well educated mould had a go at Israel.  They wouldn’t have said it like that.  They would have been more nuanced.  Izzy is obviously not well versed in theology and should be, like all Christians, better trained than that.  It’s not about heaven and hell, it’s about desire.

And perhaps the most intriguing; Izzy spoke a more hard core Reformed position about God’s plan for people than many Calvinists are prepared to admit publicly.  Romans 9 and God making vessels for dishonour anyone?  Seems like that’s the love that dare not speak its name, even among Reformed types.

My impression is that many of these types are keen to answer questions that no one is asking and believe that if they can just delay the “icky” part of the gospel long enough, they’ll manage to maintain a seat at the cultural table without being scorned.  And from what I read on Facebook all too many of the naysayers live, work and have their being in places where scorn is heaped on those who hold to such non-intellectual, unsustainable and non-progressive positions on sexuality.

So for all the Christian naysayers of Israel Folau, here’s his gospel framework, embedded in his life experiences, hopes and dreams, loves and struggles, for all to see.

Love to hear what you think.


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