December 3, 2017

Joy To the World, Milo Has Come

Joy to the world

Milo has come

Let Perth receive her queen

Let every heart prepare him room

And social media sing

And social media sing


Ok we get it.  Milo Yiannopoulos – the enfant terrible of conservative politics, the scourge of the Left and all things politically correct, has arrived in Australia. He’s bringing gifts of gold-plated swear words, incensed attitude, and a mirth towards anything with which he disagrees

And he’s come to bring us the peace and joy we once had before the rise of the Sexular Culture.

Except of course he is part of that Sexular Culture.  Check out the advertising. Brought to you by the good people (men) at Penthouse.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 10.13.51 am

Yes folks, this new Messiah, is brought to you by that must-read magazine.  And he’s coming for all those of us who bemoan the state of our nation.  His Perth show was last night. It was held at a secret location, secret understandably due to the violent and disgraceful behaviour of protesters.  I don’t know where it was to be held, but apparently a star stopped right over the spot.

Milo, the gay Jewish man married to a black man, with a potty mouth.  Milo who slays the self righteous in the aisles and in the TV studios to the point they won’t host him because he’s too smart for them.  Milo who pokes fun at the Herods sitting on thrones of dirt, and who is quite relaxed about all things pederasty, is here to rescue conservatives such as I from the progressives who are hell pent, er bent, on destroying the fabric of Western civilisation.

And there’s something beguiling about this false Messiah. Something almost gleeful about his iconoclasm. I confess to laughing out loud as blabbermouth, self-important David Koch got his comeuppance on Seven’s Sunrise.

And I agree with much that Milo says. He is right.  We do live in a claustrophobic, suffocating veil of increasing political correctness that has re-engineered morality, and is determined to re-engineer gender and sexuality in the process.   And it will shut you down if you dissent.

It already is. As the same sex marriage debate has shown, it’s inexorable and implacable.  You will yield. We will make you.

The Milos of this world (is he even of this world?) attract both attention and scorn.  And hope.  Milo attracts plenty of hope.  Especially, and sadly, even among many Christians who think that somehow we can possibly re-engineer Christendom, even if it means without Christ.  Milo could be our little “s” saviour.

And here’s the sad part. He’s part of the problem.  Milo promises much because he talks much.  But he’s not actually part of the solution in our fracturing nation at the moment.

Yet there will be a whole bunch of Christians in Perth last night – a Saturday night, a boiling hot, tiring Saturday night -, who will have gone to hear Milo preach the gospel of “Shove it in your face”.  A whole lot of Christians who will have hung on every word he uttered with evangelistic zeal.

A whole bunch of Christians in Perth will have thought, “Will we? Won’t we?” when thinking about shelling out money on an event promoted by Penthouse.  At least I hope they thought about it that way.

And, sadly, there may will be a whole lot of Christians who, because they’re tired after a late night out worshipping at the church of Milo, will give actual church a miss this Sunday morning or this evening.  They’re just that bit busy.  Just that bit too worn out, to go and worship the true Saviour, the true Joy of our world, the true hope in the midst of this declining culture.

Besides, they shelled out good money for a memorable sermon last night.  Why should they shell out more for a second rate one from a minister who knows and love them today?  What does he or she have that Milo does not?

So many of those gnashing their teeth at the Sexular Culture are going to give Milo a hall pass – and a second home in Malibu – on the basis that he’s OUR sexual deviant, not theirs.

Milo is a guilty pleasure.  But like all guilty pleasures, the guilt lasts longer than the pleasure.

Milo is a parody of Advent.  And it’s somehow sad that at the start of the Advent season he comes to us like a prophet arriving after 400 years of darkness.


He roasts the world

With “in your face”

And fakes a nation’s love


(Oh stop it!)







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