May 19, 2013

Leviticus Addendum (For those without a wing or a prayer)

Ok, so I left one thing out in my last post.  Just one, but an important one. So here goes:

Although the call was for Israel to universalise the Levitical law, Israel never did so.  In fact the church could never do so either.  It’s important to remember that.  Why?  Because it’s important to remember that when it comes to “the Law” it has never been universalised extensively in the lives of God’s covenant people.  It has, however, been universalised intensively in the life of just one of God’s covenant people – the covenant person who is also the king of the covenant – the Lord Jesus Christ.

What could only damn us due to our inability to fulfil it- the law – has been completed by our champion, doing what we could not do, yet taking the curse of law breaking upon himself on the cross.  We are not justified by law keeping, but by Jesus.

So, if you have broken the law as an individual, or if you have been part of the systemic breaking of the law as part of a culture or society, you can flee for refuge to no one except Jesus. That’s the good news of the gospel for left-wing law breakers and right-wing law breakers.

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There is no guarantee that Jesus will return in our desired timeframe. Yet we have no reason to be anxious, because even if the timeframe is not guaranteed, the outcome is! We don’t have to waste energy being anxious; we can put it to better use.

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