July 3, 2020

Life In Wartime podcast; extremism at The Kitchen Table, and responses to the culture wars

What weapons are we using in the wartime we are experiencing? Are we falling into the same trap as the rest of the culture in thinking that if we just get a grip on the levers of power we can shape things the way we want them?

Check out the latest Life In Wartime podcast with me and my colleague at Third Space, David Robertson, as we discuss what God has given us to use in our warfare, and how those weapons reveal what type of war we are truly in, here.

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And another thing on wars, this time the culture wars….

Kevin de Young over at TGC wrote an article about how having more children could be the solution to that dreaded culture war.  After all, if more conservative and religious people have more children then demographics will shift things.  You can read that here.

I am not convinced however, by that strategy, and intend to write a response to it.  Stephen Kneale already has written one on his blog here, called A Culture War Strategy I Can’t Co-sign, and it’s worth a read.  I want to push some of the theological conclusions he makes a bit further, and I appreciate the track he’s on.

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And wars tend to push us to extremism.  What does extremism look like, and should Christians be extremists?  Being middle-of-the-road seems so boring!  Well, with a little help from a 30 year old (brilliant) rant from John Cleese), David and I sat down at The Kitchen Table to talk about how extreme we want to be.  Check that out here.



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