April 10, 2019

Lying Community Outraged By Folau’s Latest Tweet

There was outrage amongst members of Australia’s lying community this morning after rugby star Israel Folau’s latest social media gaffe on Instagram.

Speaking under a pseudonym, spokesman for support group, Lying Is A Right, Chuck Norris, said that enough was enough and that Folau had to be called to account.

“It’s getting out of hand,” said Mr Norris, “When we saw the Instagram picture we waited to see if the other groups mentioned in the list would speak out, but there’s been silence.”

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Folau’s tweet condemning liars

“We felt it was time to take a stand.  And it’s lonely.  There’s been no response from the others; from the thieving community, the gay community, or ever the adultery community, though to be frank a good number of the adultery community are also card-carrying members of our group too.”  

When asked about the impact that Folau’s comments would have on liars Mr Norris said that the biggest problem was that it unsettled those who were in the process of testing out their lying capabilities.

“I was only four when I first realised I was a liar,” he said, “And I just knew at that point that it was part of my identity, of whom I am.  It’s painful for Israel Folau to make what are quite frankly, insensitive remarks to a whole cohort of the community.”

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L.I.A.R spokesman Chuck Norris is calling out Israel Folau

When pressed as to the actual percentage of the population that would come under Folau’s condemnation as liars, Mr Norris suggested a figure of about 100 per cent.

“No one owns up to that of course,” he said, “Which, ironically, makes them perfect candidates for joining L.I.A.R.



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