February 5, 2024

Michael J Tinker Talks Effective And Creative Kids’ Music Ministry

If you’re on the look-out for good music for children at church, or looking for an outreach ministry performer, it can be a vexed process.

On one hand you don’t want boring. It’s hard enough keeping children’s attention span these days without turgid, unsingable or twee music.

On the other hand, exciting doesn’t always mean that it’s good. Unless what’s being presented is faithful to the gospel, and unless it answers the big questions that children want to know about God and Jesus (and suffering and disappointment and confusion) there isn’t much point.

And who wants legalism in place of the gospel? There seems to be enough of that around.

Michael J Tinker is a UK creator/performer who, I think, has cracked the code of how to do this well and memorably. I recently had a chat with him about what good children’s ministry music looks like, what to avoid, and what to focus on. And some of what he says – especially around what kind of theological content children can capably handle – might surprise you.

Have a watch of this interview I did with Michael last week. See what you think:

If you want to reach out to Michael or inquire about bookings, (even in Australia) then you can contact him here. I’d love to get him out to Australia for a national tour in partnership with churches or denominations.

Michael is currently fundraising for his anniversary album. Jump on the kickstarter before Thursday to help him make it! Check it out:


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