My Fifty Shades-Worth

It’s all been said.

It’s all been picked apart.

It’s all been excused.

So forget the protesting words.

Forego cultural analysis

It’s time for an action plan….

Gentlemen, go home this weekend, download Fifty First Dates (I know, I know, it’s the rom-com version of Groundhog Day *), then watch it with your wife over the Valentine’s Day weekend.  The next morning get up and treat her with all of the dignity you (undoubtedly) did on your first date.


BTW my first date movie with my wife was Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. I was Mr Green.

* It has since been pointed out by a wiser man than I that GHD actually IS a rom-com! I know, I know, technically it is, but it’s way too classy to compartmentalise it like that!



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