May 29, 2020

Ok. So I haven’t blogged for a bit …

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Ok, So I haven’t blogged for a bit.

That’s unusual for me.  I’m a blog a day kinda guy and that has fallen by the wayside the last month.  I haven’t blogged for a bit is like me not going for a run for a bit.  It doesn’t happen.

Except at the moment it is happening.

The primary reason it is happening is time.  At short notice I have had to take over the role of interim senior pastor of the church that I had planted, Providence Church Midland, which I was still a leader in, but no longer on staff.

Our senior pastor resigned and I stepped into the breach for two days per week. Add that to the church complexities thatCOVID-19 brings and it’s been a fairly full on two days per week.

I also work for Third Space, an evangelistic/apologetics set-up that is part of City Bible Forum, here in Australia.  As a national communicator I am involved in podcasts, vodcasts, training, speaking etc, on all things cultural, gospel, apologetics etc.  Clearly with lockdown happening, everything has gone on line.

In addition I’m just about finished writing a book for The Good Book Company in the UK, and with the help of a  very efficient editor I should hit my deadline of the end of June for the final text.  So that’s been fairly busy as well.

The whole issue around The Crowded House, and Acts29 former CEO, Steve Timmis, took a chunk of my time also, including taking part in the national safeguarding review in the UK, established in the wake of that whole matter.  I have had a hand in helping others who were hurt by Steve’s behaviour (and hurt by the culture that he created within TCH), so that’s taken a bit of time too.

Which is all a way of saying, blogging has fallen off the cliff!  I can see a light at the end of the tunnel (to mix my metaphors), but not there yet.

In the meantime, some of the fun stuff I have been doing has been with Third Space, and with Eternity Podcast Network.  There is a bunch of great podcasts hosted on their site, so check it out here.

David Robertson and I are producing a short series called The Kitchen Table, for Third Space, (I’ve put up a link to our second episode which I particularly like, but the third episode is available as well here).

And as I have said, we’ve also got a podcast called Life in Wartime, produced by Eternity Podcasts. The last couple have been on the future of education in Australia, given the seismic changes we’re seeing in the wake of the pandemic.

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This week’s episode, Education in Wartime: The Cottage Industry, looks at the rise of home schooling in the wake of changes to education, and the concern over hard secular agendas being pushed in public education.  There’s also a feeling that the current system is not flexible enough to cater for every student.  Home schooling (not the crazy type, but the online flexible type that allows for a “plug-and-play” tailored education), is taking off. Find out why.




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