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The new Life in Wartime podcast (and other Third Space stuff I have done this week)

Here’s a selection of the latest material on the Third Space website. First up, a new podcast hosted on the Eternity Podcast site, called Life in Wartime, featuring me with my colleague from Third Space, David Robertson.  In this introductory episode we explore the similarities (and differences0 between our time in COVID-19 and the start […]

Why churches should/should not access the Government’s JobKeeper scheme

Should churches, as not-for-profits, access the Australian Government’s JobKeeper scheme in order to keep staff if their giving decreases during the COVIC-19 shutdown and beyond? That’s a question that I have heard doing the rounds. Is it the right thing to do?  Is it the wrong thing to do? What is at stake if we […]

Just Imagine

  Just imagine if one man said he was both able and willing to suffer and die from COVID-19 in place of all the sufferers in the world, releasing the planet from the fear of this terrible scourge? How liberating would that be? Wouldn’t we just burst out of our doors laughing and crying with […]