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a shout-out to the meddling kids: the Age of the Unmasking

It feels like the end of a Scooby Doo episode. An unmasking of sorts. Later this afternoon, Perth Australia time, a report will be released by the remaining elders of The Crowded House network in Sheffield UK. The report, commissioned by those elders, and carried out by the national safeguarding review organisation in the UK, […]

Gay marriage, gambling, and good deeds in the age of disappointment

The decision by Lotterywest to reject a grant application to assist the community outreach food program at tennis legend Margaret Court’s church on the basis of its public stance on same sex marriage, is not really all that surprising. Although Court herself is disappointed. Why is it not surprsing? Because it’s a sign of the […]

The only thing worse than an immoral alley cat President? An evangelical one!

When the comments section in The Times of London about the latest craziness (Trump having COVID) contains this thread … … you know we’re in for interesting times. An evangelical Christian is worse than an amoral, “do whatever it takes” President. “Not a good look“! Hmm. And that’s in The Times, which generally weeds out […]

It’s official: Elite sport is willing to crack a few eggs (and your daughter’s head) for the sake of diversity

“Participation in sport is a human right” With that, quite frankly ludicrous, quote the Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Kate Jenkins, welcomed the announcement by nine elite sports bodies in Australia, to the inclusion of trans athletes in their elite team should they meet the standard. (Oh and should their testosterone levels be low enough at […]