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Why in 2019 The Tide For Evangelism Might Just Turn

There’s every chance that 2019 might just be a great year for evangelism in Australia. Every chance  a wave is coming in.  Every chance indeed. There are some telling signs. I was listening last week to the always excellent This Cultural Moment podcast, and Mark Sayers was observing that while it seems that the tide has […]

My Top Five Articles Read (or Ignored) By You This Year

Well, it’s that time of year.  The winding up time of the year for lists etc.  Strava kilometres runs, books read (or claimed to have been read), calories burned, Facebook activities liked, angry emojis given in lieu of actual passive aggressive comments, stuff like that. So here are the top five articles read on […]

Naughty Darebin City Council Won’t Be Getting Coal For Christmas

The late political cartoonist Bill Leak observed that his job was becoming more difficult each year because the parodies he once drew were becoming realities.  When cultural and political life is a joke, where do you go from there? Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the parody of life that has become actual life: the […]

Hey Christian Teachers – The ALP Says You’ve Only Got a Year Left (Maybe A little More) to Discriminate – So What Are You Waiting For?

Hey teacher in Christian school, if you want to continue your long and well documented tradition of discriminating against gay students in your school (deriding them, expelling them, pointing them out in the classroom, the sort of thing they’ve been doing up to this point with impunity), then you’d better get a wriggle on. For […]

The Religious Are Invisible Voters To Greens Leader, Richard di Natale

A friend sat watching the Australian Senate debating the contentious anti-discrimination bill before our Parliament today. It’s been the most rushed piece of legislation that is completely at odds with the gravity of the consequences of its enactment. The furphy around the legislation as it pertained to schools, was that it was presented as a […]