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Izzy Theologically Correct Enough For You All Now?

In the aftermath of the media storm that engulfed his comments about homosexuality on Instagram, rugby union star Israel Folau has had a long, and personal article published in online player’s journal Player’s Voice Folau’s great crime in the eyes of the Sexular Culture was to answer a question about homosexual activity in the negative.  […]

QANTAS: A Threat to Workers and Worshippers Alike?

It’s not often that the progressive and conservative side of life could raise voice in unison  against an institution, but QANTAS is certainly giving them the opportunity. After years of big business being the bete noir of the Left for the manner in which it treats its workers; outsourcing, downsizing, sending jobs (and profits) overseas, […]

Jordan Peterson and the Courage of the Counter-intuitive

The courage to be counter-intuitive is rare, but necessary.  And increasingly rare, and therefore increasingly necessary in this brittle, brutal media-saturated world. This struck me listening to Jordan Peterson (him again!) on Richard Fidler’s excellent ABC Conversations program, a podcast that has three million subscribers. Three million subscribers.  Think about that. Three million subscribers listening […]