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Peak Stupid Has Been Reached: And it’s Only January 5

Federal MP Tim Wilson just labelled this article by Catherine Walsh in the Sydney Morning Herald, “peak stupid” on Twitter.  And it’s not hard to see why. There’s a reason I cancelled my Fairfax subscription.  There’s a reason they keep whining and emailing me to see if, for half price, I would sign up again.  Frankly […]

The Church Is Always Political. Always.

The church is always political. Always. The state is always religious. Always. In a fitting finale to his Cultural Liturgies series, James Smith points out in Awaiting The King what seems obvious once he’s said it, namely that: “citizens are not just thinkers or believers, but lovers.”   The political institutions we live within are not simply […]

Finding Liturgy in the Vintage Store

The interest in traditional liturgy that has arisen among Millennial evangelicals can be a double-edged sword. Why? Because it can, if we are not careful, compound the very problem it is attempting to resolve. What’s that problem?  The church expression that is all style over substance that many Millennials (among others) are rejecting in spades.  […]

Forgiving Ourselves At Christmas: It’s All We’ve Got Left.

So I read an article today that said the perfect Christmas gift for ourselves this year is to forgive ourselves.  And why not, if that’s all we’ve got left? Forgiveness. Not to others.  But to ourselves.  Wrap it up nice and put it under the tree.  For ourselves. It feels a bit cheeky, right? Surely […]