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Humanists Are Declining: And They Haven’t a Prayer

While we’re all wringing our hands over the demographic decline in many denominations, spare a thought for Humanism Australia. When it comes to decline, the humanists are outstripping the churches, only unfortunately for them, quite literally, they haven’t a prayer. A friend posted this excerpt of a report from late last year on their website: …membership […]

Did Scott Morrison Actually Claim To Be “On God’s Side”?

Did our Prime Minister really say that he was on God’s side?  And if he did is that not a dangerous thing? This article in The Guardian seems to indicate it:   Geoff Thompson, who lectures in the University of Divinity makes this comment: Beyond their morality and beyond the discussions about separating church and […]

True or False: Most churches simply focus on sexual sins?

There’s an accusation doing the rounds that Christian churches that speak about sex, are not only ignoring other sins by doing so, but are doing so in order to ignore other sins. They’re speaking about sex in order to give other sins a hall pass. So sins such as slander, gossip, greed etc are being allowed […]