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Australians Are Looking To Politics For Their Identity and Not Religion: And That’s Not Necessarily a Good Thing

A report in the ABC today that more Australians are likely to identify themselves by politics than by any other identity marker – including and especially religion – is no real cause for celebration. Annabel Crabb’s article points out that while most Australians, 71 per cent, think that “occasionally” or “most often” religious discrimination occurs in […]

A Response to the ACT Chief Minister’s Facebook Post Announcing A Ban on Conversion Therapy

Dear Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory Greetings.  May I first commend you on your impressive title. The general rule is the more tinpot the dictatorship, the more impressive the title.  And yours is right up there. However I foremost want to write to congratulate you on your Facebook page announcement that says your […]

It’s Not the A-Listers That Discredit Christianity, It’s the Sneaky Little D-Listers

A-list celebrities who publicly announce that they have become Christians can be blamed for a lot of things.  A lot of bad music, a lot of bad movies, a lot of bad fashion and a lot of bad relationships. One thing they can’t be blamed for however, is the demise of Christianity.  One thing they […]