Religion Without God: Bible Without Jesus

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I’ve been dividing my writing time these past few months between my blog, a book I am writing for The Good Book Company in the UK, and the new Third Space website.

Third Space’s website is a space for people to explore the Christian faith, not necessarily from a position of having faith in Christ themselves, but with enough contact points for people who have questions to find answers.

Interestingly, my latest post deals with the issue of those who want the depth and wisdom that religion brings to a society, without the actual transcendent understanding of religion itself.  And there are products on the market out there that claim to tap into that.

But will it be enough?  Will it fill the transcendent space?  Have a read:

  Religion without God:Bible without Jesus:

Check out some of the other good material there, including some great reviews from Reel Dialogue’s Russ Matthews, including this one of the movie 1917, which is on my “must see” list.

Here’s a trailer of it too.


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