Senior Aussie Journalist Casts a Reporter’s Eye Over The New Testament: Likes What He Reads

Australian senior journalist Greg Sheridan has written a compelling book about why Christianity is both true and necessary in our modern world.

There are plenty of books written by those in the “Christian Industry” that make a splash in the theological pond, but barely a ripple in the wider world. In other words, Christian bookshops sell loads of those books, but they never make the shelves of the local book barns.

But “Christians: The Urgent Case for Jesus in the World“, by the foreign editor of Australia’s national daily newspaper, The Australian is different. Having previously written a bestseller on Christianity’s influence across the globe, Sheridan discovered that what he needed to do next was cast his beady reporter’s eye over the original source material that is the bedrock of the Christian faith – the New Testament, especially the Gospel accounts of Jesus.

Was it true? Did it have the ring of truth about it? Could the sources be trusted?

As this extended interview I conducted with Greg Sheridan attests, claims that the New Testament is bunkum, is itself bunkum.