February 19, 2020

Shock, Horror, Christians Might Get Crucified by The Govt’s Religious Bill!

Hey watch out Christians!  You know that Bill that was supposed to protect you from discrimination?  Well here’s the latest:  It’s actually going to enable people to discriminate against you!

Don’t believe me?  Then what about this?:

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 4.46.22 pm

Scary huh!

But also – once again – fake news.  Fake news worthy of The Donald!

All it shows is that those opposing the Government’s proposed Religious Anti-discrimination Bill are getting desperate.  Those such as Luke Beck, associate professor of constitutional law at Monash University, who wrote the following:

But they should be careful what they wish for. It won’t just be gay people, women and people with disabilities who lose out under the proposed law. Christians will be among the biggest losers.

Christians are the biggest losers.  Hey, not like I haven’t heard us called that before! And also us: we want gay people, women and people with disabilities to lose out, but before we throw them under the bus, let’s make sure we don’t fall under too.

A few weeks ago the strategy to stymy the Bill was to show how Christians could be nasty to other people if the Bill went through.  Letting us off the leash so to speak.

That strategy looked lame.  It was saying – wrongly as it turned out – that the Bill would unleash a torrent of abuse towards others – including religious and sexual minorities  – a torrent that is currently held at bay by legislation.

You can read my response to that article here, which, incidentally came in the same newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald.  The same Sydney Morning Herald that carries large paid-for inserts lauding the Chinese communist party.

It’s all guff.  In fact all of the unlikely nasty scenarios painted by that article are actually legal now.  You can, it turns out, abuse a single mother who rocks up to your doctor surgery for having a child out of wedlock, and tell her that God does not approve.  Turns out you don’t want to, hey?

We didn’t buy that fear factor.  So let’s have another crack at whipping up fear (oh the irony of the progressive when it comes to accusing people of dog-whistling).  Now let’s flip the switch and tap into Christian self interest and fear.  After all, that’s the point of Christianity right, self-interest. So we read:

Employers will be able to ridicule Christians in the workplace. For example, an atheist boss could put a poster above a Christian worker’s desk saying “Christianity is superstitious nonsense”. The boss could also say things like “Christianity is like a mental disorder” to a Christian during a job interview.

Of course an atheist could do that.  But would they?  Do Christians even think that their atheist boss would stoop that low?  Are they that big a sinner that they would scorn their employees like that?  Luke Beck clearly thinks so.

He clearly thinks less of atheists than we do.  In fact we go out of our way to engage with those who oppose our faith!  We read apologetic text books, go to training sessions, all in the hope of finding positive ways to engage with atheists.

Not that there are that many atheists anyway.  Most people in Australia still hold to a spiritual viewpoint and are respectful of the views of others.  Most people anyway.  But perhaps not those locked inside the hermitically sealed cultural bubble such as Monash University.

But there’s more:

Doctors will be able to humiliate Christian patients. For example, a Buddhist doctor could tell the Christian parents of an unwell child, “If you spent less time praying and more time caring about your child’s health, your child wouldn’t be this sick.”

I’m about to laugh myself sick just reading that.  Should I go to the doctor?

And there’s more where that came from!

But hey, I don’t want you to have to laugh yourself sick either. Cos that Sri Lankan doctor who fled religious oppression as a child and worked themselves up through school and uni while her parents held down three cleaning jobs to get her there, is just gagging to abuse you for your faith now that she is a GP.

Give us a break people!

Luke Beck does add some truth in there:

The bible cautions people against making life difficult for others. Psalm 7:16 says “The trouble they make for others backfires on them.”

To which I would retort:  Physician, heal thyself.

(We eagerly await an even more desperate round three from the Sydney Morning Herald).






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