February 2, 2018

So Does Google Not Like Jesus?

Why did Google Home not have any answers when asked “Who was Jesus?”

An article in The Australian today reported:

The Google Home Personal assistant has faced a religious backlash in the US, for knowing nothing about God when asked, but being the full bottle on Satan and The Devil.

Mind you that kinda makes sense to me seeing that Google probably is the powered by the devil.  Any company whose slogan is “Don’t Do Evil”, then ensures that the Chinese government gets a version of Google that allows its propaganda firewall to remain is the Father of Lies for sure.

And as Ned Flanders once famously stated,  the Devil is always the one you least expect.  I mean look at that bland piece of machinery on that IKEA-esque coffee table.  It looks more like an air-freshener than a cunningly designed and concealed listening device for the Illuminati to check up on your every move.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 11.24.37 am

In the words of a hastily written apology, Google stated:

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 11.28.51 am

Some are seeing a conspiracy by the usual A.B.C (Anything But Christianity) crowd that swarms the halls of progressive SoCal tech companies.  And there might be truth in that. Especially since questions about other more tetchy religious leaders got full answers.

Maybe it’s a bit of both.  And depending on your cultural and political position you’ll pick either conspiracy or concern.  Given the hoo-ha over Google recently, I’m just tipping slightly towards… well, I’ll let you decide.

But really, let’s not get too fussed about the vandalism and spam about Jesus.  It’s been happening since the Gospel of Thomas.  It’s been happening since the early Christians were accused of cannibalism and incest.

It’s been happening to Jesus since this graffito pillorying the Roman soldier Alexamenos for worshiping his god:


Which is all just to say that the Jesus who declared that if people hated him, they would hate his followers, seems to have done alright across the ages and the geography since then.

In other words Jesus has seen off more potent forces than Google; Satan, sin and death being three to begin with just off the top of my head.

The more interesting response is the reaction.  The lack of trust among Christians about the motives of Big Tech is not surprising, given the constant lurch to the progressive Left of the “Nones”, many of whom are naturally more pre-disposed to wailing on the religion they left behind than the ones they never encountered.

Interesting times.



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