Some Blogs I’ve Written In My New Role at City Bible Forum

Just a few posts I’ve written for City Bible Forum recently.  I’ve just started working three days per week for City Bible Forum in a new venture called Third Space (so watch this “third” space!).  I’ve got the impressive title National Communicator, which just means “keep doing what you’re doing”!

I will continue to work as a preaching pastor at Providence Church Midland, but have handed over the Senior Pastor role.

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 5.22.10 pm

They’ve got a new website and some great blog posts from other writers there, including Sam Chan (that’s him above).  Check it out here.

Here are the links to what I’ve written for them recently:

Ascending the Summit

Ripped Off

Driving Cradle to Grave (Just in a Better Car)

And check out what City Bible is all about here.