Some stuff about sour dough and COVID vaccines, the death of religion, and the state of education

I”ve been a little busy recently with other work stuff, so not as much blog posting with material specifically for

But I do have some stuff from my Third Space musings, and will be posting in the future around the trend away from city living (a series that I started last week about the suburbs), and the move towards regionals. I spoke at the Perth Gospel Partnership conference this past week on three church experiences -one urban, one suburban, and one fringe battler, so I will post those in the near future.

Meanwhile here’s some stuff I prepared earlier on our Third Space website. Go check it out here, and see what we have put up in the various rooms around the third space.

What do sour dough bread and COVID vaccines have in common? They all start somewhere:

Is religion really dying across the world? Or is that more the hope of those who think it is?

And what about education? Is there a way forward to an education system that is rich, deep, thoughtful, and no longer held captive to increasingly narrow ideological pathways?