Stop Press: Couple Move In Together After Marriage

In breaking news a Western Australian newly wed couple have been found to have only moved in together on their wedding day.

In a further shock it was breathlessly reported that they only spent their first night together on their wedding night! 

The West Australian Newspaper reports that:

A choir sang Latin hymns and the pair recited traditional Catholic vows in front of 120 guests. The couple danced a traditional waltz to an 11-piece band at their reception at Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club.

The new Mrs Lauren Lynch-Staunton (nee Chalmers) remarked:

“We had quite a few comments from guests that it was the first church wedding they had been to because most weddings are at beaches now.”


It will come as some relief to those worried about what the world is coming to that the couple intends to spend some time later in the year in France and Italy, but only after having a short honeymoon in Bali.

Phew, they are normal after all.

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