April 15, 2017

Storks Deliver Babies: Vultures Steal Them

Breaking News: 15 year old girl and 14 year old boyfriend kidnap their own baby!

Seven News reports:

Jenifer Morrison, 15, and her fiancé Jayden Lavender, welcomed little Aria into the world four days ago. The teenage parents are struggling to understand why they’ve been separated from their newborn daughter. “I don’t know what I’ve done wrong and me and Jayden will be awesome for her,” Jennifer said. The parents have called Aria their “pride and joy” and told of how the instantly fell in love with their child.

You can watch the report here.

The hospital removed the baby from them after her birth and then refused Jenifer the right to express milk for her.  As young people will do, they panicked, and fled the hospital at midnight with the child to the relative safety of Egypt, … er to the relative safety of  bushland in western Sydney.

Shocking isn’t it?  How could a couple be so callous as to assume that the baby they brought into the world should actually, you know, like belong to them!  

The two teenagers said they were told that they were too young to decide whether or not to keep Aria.

We live in a context in which the only decision 15 year old girls in our late modern culture seem to be allowed to make in regards to in-utero babies is whether to abort them or not.

The idea that a 15 year old girl might be allowed the right to both keep that baby and to raise it seems to mystify the sexual revolutionaries.  I mean, how could she want to do that?  Doesn’t she realise she’ll never have the chance to go to law school?

The sheer hypocrisy and stupidity of the Sexual Revolution is coming home to roost. Perhaps Jenifer and Jayden once thought that it was storks that delivered babies. Whether they did nor not, they’re pretty certain now that ravenous vultures feed on them.

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