The Manual: Being A Good Man Isn’t Automatic

Australian author and church leader Al Stewart has done us a great service with his book The Manual: Getting Masculinity Right.

The subtitle says it all. A lot’s been wrong with masculinity. Or perhaps a lot has been said to be wrong about masculinity. Or perhaps it’s both.

Al’s book cuts through the toxic masculinity issues, promoted by the likes of Andrew Tate. But at the same times shows that the solution is not the “unmanning” process beloved of the likes of Clementine Ford and Nicky Gemmell, both of whom sail close to the idea that the solution to being a toxic man is to be a boyish plaything. Most men baulk at that. In fact most men baulk at both concepts.

Al’s books is therefore timely. And he grounds it in everyday language. And of course he grounds it especially in the one man who is the template for all men through all time, the man Christ Jesus.

I recorded a short interview with Al about his book and what he thinks what constitutes a good man. Have a watch. And buy the book!