May 31, 2019

The Progressive Zombie Agenda

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The thing about zombies is that you can never turn your back on them.  Ever. You’ve watched enough zombie series by now on livestream TV to know this. There’s never a point where the zombies go: “Well you’ve bumped off enough of us, and we’ve not even put a scratch on you, how about we just back off and do something else.”

In Zombie-land the humans may have out-smarted or outgunned the zombies this time.  But next time?  What about next time?

When it comes to zombies, there’s always a next time.  Always.  You’ve got to keep running and gunning, because those zombies are inexorable.   They keep marching onwards, ever onwards.  And that makes for long-running TV series.  That makes for long marches.  And long Netflix series.  The Walking Dead is into its ninth series after all.

And long marches are what it is all about.  Long marches by zombie progressives.  Progressives love long marches through institutions like zombies like long marches through deserted city streets.

Hence there’s a lesson in this post election period. Like a zombie march, a progressive march doesn’t know when to quit. And because it doesn’t know when to quit, it won’t quit.  Stay tuned for series nine.

You can’t ignore a progressive zombie march.  You can’t assume it will lose interest in you. You have to keep one step ahead of it at all times.  You may be able to outsmart or out-run the progressive walking dead as they continue their long march through the institutions today.  But maybe you won’t the next time.  And their point is to wear you down.

So for example: How long do you think the ABC’s mea culpa and handwringing will continue over its failure to read the cultural frameworks of huge swathes of the population?  Until the next time.

How long do you think it will take an “Oh gosh, religion might still be an important and crucial part of what it means to be an Australian!”? position in the national discourse? Until the next time.

How long do you think the ABC will, in irenic tones, report how faith-based schools treat their students and staff, rather than offer up the offal that precluded the Federal election? Until the next time.

How long is it until the next time? A week?  A fortnight?  A month? The start of the next electoral cycle?  How long before “normal services resume” for the cultural zombies at the ABC? Until the next time.

“We wuz wrong! , We wuz wrong!” the zombies cry, drooling and moaning in an orgy of self-flagellation.  Magnanimity towards faith communities is the order of the day among the woke zombies at our ABC.  Until the next time.

So for a while we’ll be seeing balanced opinion by the zombies.  It’s not all “Brains, brains, brains!”  Not at all! Suddenly they’re showing some heart to us, rather than ripping ours out.  Until the next time.

We go to the ABC site as faith-based school board members and we’re not reading articles about how we’re pretty much a tax-payer-funded front to beat up on sexual minorities. Well until the next time at least.

But make no mistake about it.  If you’re on a school board, or you’ve got an interest in how faith-based issues are dealt with in the public square, now is not the time to sit back and relax, because the next episode of Zombies-R-Us is about to be filmed.

Zombie progressives  are unstoppable, unflappable, implacable. Marching forward, ever forward towards a utopian ideal.  Yes a few things get in the way from time to time, but since none of these are on the right side of history,  they’re not insurmountable.  Nothing is insurmountable in this perfect mashup of The West Wing and The Walking Dead.

So just assume that the Shadow Attorney General, Mark Dreyfus has a zombie-like quality to him when he gets his mojo back after this election loss.   He’s a comin’ at ya next time!

Dreyfus was either foolish enough, or honest enough, to claim just weeks ago – in anticipation that the ALP would be forming a majority government – that “as a matter of priority”  all religious exemptions would be removed.

Dreyfus also claimed there was zero need for a Religious Freedom Commissioner, but determined as a matter of priority he would be appointing an LGBTIQ Commissioner.  Hey, why not both?

Do you think that this progressive zombie has had a sudden change of heart because of a little matter like an election loss?  Do you think that somehow all of those zombie cross-bench Senators at the Freedom of Religion hearings who, as one friend texted me watching the hearings, sneered audibly and rolled their eyes, before turning to their iPhones as religious schools representatives got up to speak, have been given the zombie antivirus?  Of course not.  They’re just waiting until the next time.

And when does that next time start?  Well today of course. The next time started today. Former federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten – a zombie look in his eyes from the loss he just experienced –  fired the starter’s gun this week.

And once the gun was fired, the zombies were out of the blocks and staggering all over the place, pursuing goodness knows what, but pursuing it nonetheless.

Even the new leader, Anthony Albanese, who just days ago was saying the ALP needed to listen to people, especially people of faith and the working class, was dancing in the zombie chorus line.

“Vested interests” took down the ALP apparently. Well yes, millions of silent vested interests did, many of them the high-viz-vest wearing vested interests of whom the ALP has had little interest the past three years.  The very “vested interests” that the progressive media and the ALP sneered at over the past couple of years.

Perhaps this sounds a trifle harsh.  And you can ignore it.  Or you can call me churlish, goodness knows I’ve been called that and worse.  But if the drunken, angry tweets, and more revealing, the cold, sober tweets, that scorned and reviled those who dared to halt the march of the progressive zombies is any indication, the next time has just started.

Zombie progressives, coming to a screen near you.





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