This is a Door…

This is a Door…

This is an Open Door…(We’re praying that our work plants a gospel flag in the middle of Midland, so that as we share the gospel, people will hear and respond)

This is an Old Door…  (It’s the door of the old Midland Bank – the building we are meeting in for our Providence Midland gatherings – starting Sunday).

This is a Free Door… (A free building. In the middle of Midland. On the main street. Next to the main shopping centre  {now open Sundays – extending-trading-hours-fan-Ed}. Near all the cafes. No one wants to buy or lease it).

Will this be a Wide Door?..”for a wide door for effective work has been opened to me, and there are many adversaries…(1Cor 16:9). Please pray for us as we begin a more public expression of Providence Midland from this weekend.

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