This Is Not A Blog Post About the Culture Wars

I went to the administration page of my blog host WordPress just now in order to write a new blog post which wasn’t about the culture wars. Nothing about them at all.

Just a note about WordPress’s administration page.  It’s boring.  Bland blue boring.  The slight shades of blue that aren’t boring are simply, slightly less than boring.  Non-boring blue.  Sedate even.  Passive perhaps. They are this kinda blue.

 zzzzzzz – what?  Oh yeah, sorry about that.

So, anyway, I went to the boring blue administration page of WordPress to write an exceptional blog post. Perhaps the most exceptional blog post ever (or at least a tribute to it – Jack Black Ed).

It was gonna be brilliant.  It was not gonna be boring like that boring blue WordPress administration page.

And here’s what’s more. It was gonna have nothing to do with the US Supreme Court decision on gay marriage.  It was gonna have nothing to do with that decision because as an Australian the Supreme Court has no hold on our country.

It was not gonna have anything to do with whether the High Court of Australia comes to the same conclusions some time in the near future, even though it will. It was not gonna have anything to do with the legal and political ramifications of any such decision, and whether if, like the US Supreme Court, the decision would strongly imply that dissenting on this issue will be out of order and liable to prosecution.

It wasn’t even like I was thinking “So Steve, don’t think culture wars. Don’t say culture wars.  Don’t mention culture wars.  The culture wars aren’t interested in you.  The culture wars have bigger fish to fry.  The culture wars are going to pass you by and let you get on with things.  The culture wars are disinterested in wheedling out dissent and finding their way into every nook and cranny of your life.”

Nope it wasn’t like that at all because I went onto the boring blue bannered administration page of WordPress today to write about eschatology (Zzzzzz – pop culture Ed) and saw this instead:

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 1.52.14 pm

So I went to my boring blue administration page on WordPress and saw a rainbow coloured administration page. Not boring at all! You may not be interested in the culture war, but the culture war is interested in you.  How we respond to the pressure of that is what will be really interesting.

(back to bland blue tomorrow, is my guess).


      1. Yeah – but have a listen to DA Carson on Justin Taylor’s TGC blog. He’s great about the response. I think as Christians we don’t need to panic too much because the culture/world will be what it is. The sad thing is how many Christians will fall away from God and his Word simply for the sake of receiving praise from men and not God

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