This Week’s Top Ten

Ok folks, each week will bring you a Top Ten Of The Week (TTOTW). It might be music, it might be movies, it might be top ten comments made by people whilst out doing door-to-door evangelism. And today’s TTOTW is…

Top ten comments from people whilst out doing door-to-door evangelism (that one caught me off guard – Ed) in ascending order:

10. @%**& off!

9. What was Jesus about? I have heard of him, but don’t know much.

8. Not interested.

7. There are too many religions to know which one is right.

6. Why doesn’t God do something about that @^&$&# who killed that woman in Melbourne?

5. In the future robots are going to have consciences and will sort it out (hasta la vista babeee – Termineditor)

4. I think Jesus is the Son of God, but not in the way Christians think he is.

3. (See #10 above)

2. I’d be interested if it had dragons, zombies and machine guns (prime candidate for “bait and switch” I reckon – Ed)

1. My boyfriend said the other day that he would like to read the Bible (we gave her a Bible – Ed)

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  1. Yeah, that seems about right. From uni campus walkup, a lot of people are surprisingly willing to ask questions and find out more, most admit that they don’t know much and haven’t looked into it, and a lot are fairly friendly. Muslims have some of the best questions.

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