April 9, 2019

Transgender Activism’s Spotlight Moment

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Well, this could well be transgender activism’s “Spotlight” moment.

You may remember Spotlight, that fantastic Hollywood movie named after the journalistic investigation team at the Boston Globe newspaper.

Through methodical research, the Spotlight team at the Globe uncovered the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church in the United States in the early 2000s, pushing their way fearlessly through secrecy, power and collusion to put the figurative spotlight on the evil going on.

Well here’s hoping the investigation by The Times of London into the abuse of young people for the sake of this Sexular Age, focuses an equally powerful beam of light on the increasingly dangerous and desperate world of transgender activism in the UK.

This is The Times.  Not Fox News.  Not Breitbart.  Not some sidelined Christian media company.  The Times.  And what it’s uncovering simply confirms what many have been saying for a long time: that children and young people are the pawns in a dangerous, long term game by adult activists hell bent on shaping society in the image they long for.

In any other world this has all the makings of a Hollywood movie.  But not yet.  Not yet.  The cultural elite are still thirty or so years away from papering over their complicity in this matter by making a movie about it.  That’s what happens doesn’t it?  Celebrate it until the wheels fall off, then showcase your “wokeness” with a movie and red carpet.

What has The Times uncovered?  Well, how about this for starters: The only National Health Service gender clinic in the UK is, according to expert clinicians who have resigned form the clinic, risking hundreds of lives on medications that have not been tested properly to determine the long term dangers.

Five experts who left described the process as a ” live experiment”.  At least thirteen other clinicians have left because of these same concerns.

The Times report states:

All five former staff were responsible for deciding which trans-identifying youngsters should be given hormone blockers to halt their sexual development. The vast majority of those who begin blockers go on to irreversible cross-sex hormones once they reach 16.

The NHS specialists warned that vulnerable children and teenagers had been sent down the path towards transition before experts had time to assess the causes of their gender confusion.

In many instances experts believed that young people who identified as gay were being pushed down the transgender line, and that government funded activist/support groups such as Mermaids, were behind the push.

The Times goes on.

An Oxford professor has also raised concerns about the safety of drug therapies used by the clinic, saying the treatments were “supported by low-quality evidence, or in many cases no evidence at all.

Obviously we don’t know the names of those who are blowing the whistle, but that’s entirely understandable given what has happened to those who have blown that same whistle in the past.

Some brave souls do give their names to The Times:

Carl Heneghan, director of the Centre of Evidence-based Medicine at the University of Oxford, said: “Given paucity of evidence, the off-label use of drugs [for outcomes not covered by the medicine’s licence] in gender dysphoria treatment largely means an unregulated live experiment on children.”

An unregulated live experiment. On children.  We’re not even allowed to conduct those on rabbits these days.

On what other medical or scientific planet would we allow children as young as three – yes that’s right, three – to be placed on medications that are not supported by long term trials?

On what other planet would we not send a three year old’s parents to a psychotherapist if they presented at a gender clinic with their offspring who has just started watching Peppa Pig?

On what other medical or scientific planet would we allow children to be placed on medication with no evidence at all? On what other planet would we use children as the experiment?

No other planet. Unfortunately this is the planet we’re doing it on, and it’s being done by government funding.  We were always told that science would triumph over religion.  We were told that flakey, faith-centred religion that took a leap in the dark to belief would give way to solid, rational, evidence based science.  We were told the future was all about evidence.

Not when it comes to the religion of sex.  It’s a faith based religion for sure. When it comes to the Sexular Age faith rules supreme.   Science is having its mouth more tightly more tightly shut by the Sexular Age than it ever did by the religious age.

Of course the Christian religious age in the West spurred on evidence based science, given Christianity’s commitment to order and unity within the mind of the Creator. But this new religion?  It’s got all the order of the chaotic oceanic churn in which mermaids are to be found.

Hence In 2010 there were 94 referrals to the Tavistock Centre that is the clinic under the spotlight.  Last year?  2519.   That’s churn. Something is seriously wrong.

A three thousand percentage increase and no one is asking questions?  The light is so blinding we can’t see the truth.  This is a social experiment plain and simple, and confused and impressionable young people are the replacements for the rabbits and mice of days gone by.

The Times goes on:

The clinicians said they were often under pressure to refer young people for life-altering treatment, even though they did not always believe it was in the individual’s best clinical interests.

And here’s the kicker:

One clinician said that she feared the use of hormone therapy for such children could result in a scandal.

You think? Of course it will.  It will take time of course for the scandal to surface.  Just like the abuse scandal in the Catholic Church took time.  But it will come to the surface eventually.  But not before the body count racks up, just as it did for the church.  And who will be there to pick up the pieces?  Probably the National Health Service in a convenient circular economy.

Meanwhile activists from Mermaids sit outside the referral waiting rooms like so many pimps waiting for their girls to get their abortions. The group has been accused of stoking parental anxiety and badgering parents with the question “Do you want a live boy or a dead girl?”

Mermaids is a group that receives government funding, remember.  It must be hard enough being a gender-confused young person in this cultural zeitgeist. Add in the cultural zealots breathing down your neck with their own agenda, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Look, I don’t know what the solution – earthly speaking – is to the cultural suicide that the West seems hellbent on committing, but maybe that’s the point.   The true spotlight is on us as a culture.

There is no earthly solution.  We’re locked into a world in which your identity is determined by who you are sexually. Who you are sexually is you!  And if you can get that right then perhaps that will sort out the angst that sits deep within you.

Of course even transgender people will tell you that the angst never really gets sorted out.  You can dig as deep as you want to, or get a surgeon to do that for you, but you can transition the physical all you like, yet who you are stays stubbornly the same. Hollywood would tell you otherwise.

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Maybe they should tell that to activists like the Mermaids group. Maybe they should get them to read the original 1837 Hans Christian Anderson story The Little Mermaid, rather than simply watch the romantic Disney-fied glittery version, in which you transition successfully and get your prince or princess.

In Anderson’s version, reality kicks in.  And it kicks in hard.  In the end self-interest is over-ruled by self-sacrifice for the sake of others.  Something that the Sexular Culture activists, so committed to the cause, just doesn’t get.  Can’t make an omelette without cracking some young fresh eggs, right?

Whatever else Mermaids, and the government funded agencies are selling parents and young people, there’s not going to be a happily ever after with this one.  And the spotlight needs to shine on that reality sooner rather than later.

Encouragingly it seems like The Times is determined to take its journalistic responsibility seriously.  Would that more media outlets would grow a spine, follow its lead and shine a light in this dark, murky world.







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