November 7, 2019

Watch This (Third) Space

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 7.51.10 amNow The West Wing is not a series I ever got in to, but my colleague at my new venture, Third Space, David Robertson has seen all of the series seven times (that’s biblical proportions), and even has the tee-shirt.

It’s an old series now, but gee it’s got some staying power.  Perhaps as politics spirals further down in the West, it’s something aspirational people watch wistfully.

We got a series of videos on modern ideas of heaven and hell.  And in a world in which politics has replaced religion as our primary hope, heaven and hell hang on elections.

Here we discuss a famous scene in the series, along with Ed Shaw, pastor of Emmanuel City Centre, Bristol, in the UK.  In the scene President Bartlett uses the seemingly crazy laws of Leviticus to shoot down an argument (and a radio show host) over same sex marriage.


This is the type of content we intend to put on the Third Space website – which we are putting live this weekend.  This website is designed for non-Christians who are curious about the most important things in life.


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